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Trade SCX-D Cuda Chassis for Analog Chassis

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  • Trade SCX-D Cuda Chassis for Analog Chassis

    Hi guys,

    A bit of a long shot here: I have an SCX Cuda with the digital chassis. Before I de-digitize it, I thought I'd check if anyone had an analog version that they'd like to trade with me? I know the SCX-D chassis is hard to find, and would gladly trade for the analog version for the same car if someone needs it. Mine is from the blue #48 car. Please message me if you'd like to swap chassis.

    Best regards,


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    You can just jump the chip and run the car with no harm but you will lose the lights
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      Good to know. Thanks for chiming in here. Appreciated.

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    If you are need a analog chassis I think I have a few. Let me go in the man cave and check. Are you wanting a chassis with lights? I'm pretty sure only the #89 had lights. Could be wrong.

    Sorry to get your hopes up. I thought I had a Shapeways 3D chassis. All I could find is one digital one.

    Now I do have a 2 Cudas which are completely stock the blue ones. Would you like for me to take a chassis from one of them? If so do you want the wheels and tires and the motor carrier? Well let's rephrase that, do you want a complete running chassis?

    Watch that Shapeways chassis show up when I'm not looking for it!!!!!!
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      I just figured if someone was running SCX-D I'd offer this chassis up as a trade since I'm not going to use that functionality. I didn't even think of putting an aftermarket chassis under it so if you do find that Shapeways then I'm sure we can work something out. Otherwise, please leave your Cudas unmolested and I'll just mod my stock chassis to run SSD. I thought SCX did such a nice job on this car so I want run it with my other T/A cars. Thanks for posting!

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    I do have an original analog chassis for the SCX cuda.
    No wheels, no pod, no guide. Just the plastic chassis. PM me. Lance
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      Message sent.