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Magnet Marshal wanted

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  • Magnet Marshal wanted

    Looking for good, working magnet marshall at reasonable price.

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    You know they're available new, right?


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      I have one of the original magnet marshals purchased second hand. Initially it worked fine and compared favorably with the one owned by a local commercial track + or - 5gms. It eventually ran the battery dead and after dismantling it to replace the battery and reassembling it, the accuracy was lost. Before plunking out $165 for a new one, which I am told eliminated the battery replacement problem, I am wondering if (a) there is a procedure to recalibrate the scale or (b). if it can be sent back to the manufacturer for recalibration, I have researched online for information about such a process but so far I have found nothing.


      • War Eagle River
        War Eagle River commented
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        There is no manufacture to return the original MM to, or contact, he died years ago and Alan Smith @ Scale Racing Center obtained the rights to build the MM2. Might try contacting him. Have had my original apart many times over the years to change battery and clean, it never lost calibration. Have heard of others that have, and being precise reassembling seems to be the key. Good luck

      • Silberpfeil
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        As of this morning, Alan advised He had two of them available (….