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Devis3D Designs Carrera Guide Adapters

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  • Devis3D Designs Carrera Guide Adapters

    Does anyone have any of these stashed away?
    I bought some from LEB Hobbies and sure did like the ease of bolt-in installation. LEB apparently has sold out.

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    I think they stopped making these. nice adapters I have unfortunately have used all mine. Luckily CG makes a great adapter as well! SCC and Clover leaf sells them. Come in 2 sizes and work very, very well. Good luck!


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      Yes, Devis ceased production of their slot car items some time ago.
      I am aware of and have used CG’s adapters but I liked the ability to just screw the Devis item to the chassis.


      • SlotCat
        SlotCat commented
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        Agreed, nice to just screw them in and can be returned to stock easily.

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      They have them on eBay. The seller name is " Waspslot" it look like it is overseas. Hope this helps.
      Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
      Connecticut, U.S.A.


      • WB2
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        Thank you.

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      Slot Car Corner


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        "Does anyone have any of these stashed away?"
        That is Bibbsters ol' company.I'm still in touch with him.I'll be glad to ask if he still has some,if you would like me too.
        Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...