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Wanted; Scalextric C3769 Daytona Prototype

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  • Wanted; Scalextric C3769 Daytona Prototype

    Does anyone have a spare Scalex DP in the red and blue Target livery at a decent price? Does not have to be new, just in good condition. I'm looking to make a threesome with the gold car and the blue Telcel versions.

    PM me if you can help, thanks!

    Dennis Samson

    Scratchbuilding is life
    Life is scratchbuilt

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    Hey if your talking about the first one I think I have one. never raced just laps around my track I will check when i get home from work.


    • Gascarnut
      Gascarnut commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes, it's the first one of the three they have done. Thanks!

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    Hey sorry I have took so long to get back .to you, I do have the car you are looking for, it is in like new condition I have the box if you want it
    let me know I will be out of town till Monday.


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      Great news, can you PM me a price with postage to 92604, and your Paypal addy. I don't need the box if you can pack it well without it.
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      Dennis Samson

      Scratchbuilding is life
      Life is scratchbuilt


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        I ran my Scalextric DPs last night.
        The lights reflecting off the gold chrome of the 60 car was really neat.