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AFX HO Track For Sale

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  • AFX HO Track For Sale




    The following AFX HO Slot Car Track is For Sale.
    Track is in very good shape. Some (probably most) never used. I had in boxed away.
    I am giving forum members first shot. If no interest, I will just move it to eBay.
    Just make an offer as to what you feel is a fair price. All I can do is say no or counter offer.
    Reply to thread if interested .......... ****Please send PM with offer****
    Shipping is US only.
    Paypal as friend for payment.

    >>>>>HOW ABOUT $85 for all the track? THERE IS APPROXIMATELY 200 PIECES. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING.<<<<<

    Here is the unit breakdown.

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    I just put a price of $85 for approximately 200 pieces of AFX track.

    i have listed some other HO items on eBay and will send this to eBay VERY soon. So, if you happen to be interested......act quickly. Thanks.

    >>>>>TRACK HAS SOLD!
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