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WTB: Artin 1/32 Scale R3 Curve Track and Borders

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  • WTB: Artin 1/32 Scale R3 Curve Track and Borders

    WTB: In search of Artin 1/32 Scale R3 Curve track and borders. Any help in finding is appreciated !!

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    It would take me a few days to find and go through all of my Artin track to see if I have some for you, but in the mean time I saw this on Ebay.

    (I hope posting an Ebay url is ok here...just trying to help.)

    8 R3 sections for a total of $23.50 doesn't sound crazy to me, but I've been out of the buying/selling action for several years so I may be way out of line with current pricing reality.

    I did not look for the borders, but the same seller may also have those listed.

    Hope that helps.

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      Thanks Dennis, I saw Cherry's listing and have bought from her before. She has the R3's, but not the borders for them. Was looking to make R2/R3 turns. I have limited space, so R3/R4 would be very tight.


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        I made my borders from foam board. Just lay your turn on the board and trace it. I also allowed for the table which allowed for some trees and such.


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          Interesting thought. Is there a particular type of foam board? The outside is paper, correct? Will rubber tires tear it up?


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            Hey Glen...I looked last night and found that I have 40 R1's and a couple each of R2's, and R4's, but no R3's.
            Sorry. 🙁

            With regard to the border idea from Frank, I've also used foam to create borders for an old Strombecker layout I had a few years ago.
            At the time I used white foam board and needed a piece of cardboard (maybe it was card stock??) under it to make it the exact height of the track.
            The Dollar Tree has foam board covered with black paper now so that may work out better, but you'll need two layers of it as it is pretty thin.
            The board itself is white, but a black Sharpie works well to color the edges.
            Staples or other stationary stores may have foam board that is thicker so you may not need two layers.

            The pic shows two layers of the foam board against one of those little Artin black plastic track joiner thingies.
            The white plastic is just a squared "U" channel that is the same size as the black Artin one.

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              Decided to go with the larger R3/R4 that comes with the borders. Have a new idea for my layout, going to try a flat track. Thanks for the feedback.