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WTB - Scalextric Abu Dhabi Racing Porsche 911 RSR

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  • WTB - Scalextric Abu Dhabi Racing Porsche 911 RSR

    I am interested in this car. I am hoping to find one that is in near mint condition without any damage or broken mirrors or windshield wiper, etc. This car came in a LeMans race set. See the attached pics. If you have this car (only the car, not the Race Set) that you wish to get rid of, please PM me, or Reply here. I do live in Canada, so shipping is easy via US Postal Service, if you are in the US.

    Thanks RvE

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    Bumping to the top....... in hopes of finding this car. Thanks RvE


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      I found this one on eBay UK which is listed as near mint condition -
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        I don't mean to hijack this thread but was wondering if the "glass" in this car is easily removable (like the regular versions of these models) or is the body and "glass" moulded as one piece?



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          BRS - thanks for that information.....I have been watching that car on Ebay.......bit hoping somebody here might have mint condition .......with all the mirrors intact.

          Peter - these are "high impact" models, so I think the windshield is molded in place.

          thanks RvE