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Some of my creations for sale.

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  • Some of my creations for sale.

    Hey guys, I am putting up three of my scratch built cars to see if there is any interest. I am constantly working on new things, and would like to make some room on shelves and get some money back for new builds.

    First up is my Pioneer Camaro bodied car. This car runs really nice, super smooth, super low.

    Parts list:
    Cb Design 15x7 wheels front and 15x8 rear (trans am proxy legal)
    NSR Supergrip rear tires
    WRP front guide tongue with Samson guide tube
    Sloting plus guide
    NSR 20k motor slot it 11/31 gearing.
    CG slotcars wheel inserts

    Asking SOLD shipped in the lower 48.Click image for larger version  Name:	92708348_249356169553120_7607446688302628864_n.jpg Views:	236 Size:	125.4 KB ID:	51981

    Click image for larger version  Name:	93518677_2775162106039281_3251258438839173120_n.jpg Views:	245 Size:	173.3 KB ID:	51979
    Click image for larger version  Name:	93841628_229170218324678_1450336960378830848_n.jpg Views:	231 Size:	216.6 KB ID:	51980

    Next up is my Lola T290 by Sloter. Custom brass chassis again on this one. Runs well, pod is currently mounted on rubber bushings but they can be swapped for brass tube etc if you wish. Very smooth runner and can keep up with many can am cars in my stable. Very small car. (pinon gear has been corrected from pics)

    Parts list:
    WRP guide tongue with samson tube
    Scaleauto guide 312pb wheel set. Aluminum rears with Thunderslot tires orange motor and gears
    Paper interior with hand painted driver figure
    Chrome parts painted bright silver to look more authentic.

    Asking SOLD shipped in the lower 48

    Click image for larger version  Name:	91895086_240131850724654_8749373922740273152_n.jpg Views:	236 Size:	185.1 KB ID:	51982
    Click image for larger version  Name:	118698595_778178162949258_6698359723251296038_n.jpg Views:	234 Size:	167.8 KB ID:	51983
    Click image for larger version  Name:	92216472_1310738195982696_9167676365544095744_n.jpg Views:	234 Size:	237.8 KB ID:	51984

    Lastly is this years Showdown entry car. My Fairlane 500. Really great looking car, I built it as a road course car with a rattle chassis, and it drive nicely in the turns. I bit heavy for the motor, but fun to drive and looks great doing it. Custom built interior etc. as well.

    Asking SOLD shipped lower 48

    Click image for larger version  Name:	93167758_578024719482925_441664200150876160_n.jpg Views:	226 Size:	270.9 KB ID:	51985
    Click image for larger version  Name:	93256864_679045576243992_1399863294990221312_n.jpg Views:	233 Size:	221.9 KB ID:	51986
    Click image for larger version  Name:	93090898_2499776623672002_4957847085266239488_n.jpg Views:	238 Size:	165.2 KB ID:	51987
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    If it helps anyone making a decision, I find that the Lola here and the Chevron that is so similar are the best cars to build scratch chassis for, not only for the ease of driving effectively, but also for a pleasing scale result. You pretty much can't go wrong.


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      Camaro sold
      The Jester

      Soxside (Chicago)


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        All 3 are top notch!
        I would like to raise my hand for the Lola, please.


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          Thanks guys. Payment can be sent to [email protected].

          I will them out asap.



          • #6
            The Camaro and the Lola are gone guys.

            The Fairlane still remains, although there is some interest over on Facetube.



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              I will take the Fairlane send me our info


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                is the fairlane still avaiable?


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                  Originally posted by 351c View Post
                  is the fairlane still avaiable?
                  Message sent.

                  Thanks guys.



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                    I will send the money as soon as I get home in about 4 hours,on the road now


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                      money on the way


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                        Great looking rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                        Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


                        • ZackM
                          ZackM commented
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                          Thank you sir

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                        got the car sat looks and runs great


                        • ZackM
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                          Great to hear.