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HRW special auction: Strangebrew Showdown Modified

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  • HRW special auction: Strangebrew Showdown Modified

    Going to have a little fundraising for the site and forum, and Mr. Strangebrew has offered up one wonderful model!

    It does have the new Predator motor in it and will be legal for our Showdown events.

    We will run this auction until Saturday 12:00 CST

    Thanks again to Brew and all f you who help support old HRW. Happy Bidding!

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    I’ll bite let’s start at 75


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        I'd like to add a little information.......
        This is the first car to use the Predator motor to my knowledge.
        It's rated 18K & I built this to see if I could get it to stack up to the Piranhas.
        I used a 10 tooth pinion for more torque (since I didn't know what the motor had)
        I used a 26 tooth (I think) crown gear to give it more top end..hoping the bigger pinion would get it off the corner....
        I used 3/8" wheels instead of the usual 1/2" & trimmed about 1/16" off the Paul Gage rear tires & about 1/8" off the fronts.
        All this to make it light. It comes in at 88 grams.
        It has not been tuned at all, just trued the tires. (No ballast or anything)
        Check the video....Faster than I expected....Nice & smooth....easy to drive on this track.
        I turned a lap of 2.7 something, but Harry turned a 2.64 something. The fast modified lap was 2.495, so it's not far off being basically "out of the box"
        I told Harry, I'm going to build a lighter entry next year using this motor just for giggles.

        I got some ideas driving home yesterday
        I'm gonna' shoot for something less than 60 grams & use the softer Paul Gage compound & see what happens ( stay tuned)

        Here's my original post........


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            Steve - Connecticut, U.S.A. - Shoreline Model Raceways Club


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              That went out of my price range fast. But that is ok. I am sure this will go to a great home!
              Why doesn't my car run like that?



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                Pouting the exchange rate kills me


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                  I will keep this going, $125.00


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                    The announcement didn't specify AM or PM. Hope I'm not too late.

                    Hope this becomes the first car to turn laps on my new oval - bid is $150. If Brew will throw in a spare unpainted body make that $185.


                    • strangebrew
                      strangebrew commented
                      Editing a comment
                      What style body?..This one is a one-off "sorta" I moved the rear wheelbase forward & shortened the deck a bit on the Chevy casting I used.Brew

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                    Not too late, yeah I did not specify. HIGH NOON

                    Great bidding guys, thank you.


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                      Did you except the $150.00 or the $185.00 from slothead? Need to know if i'm going to bid.


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                        I never heard from slothead.........Brew


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                          I was up all night and actually fell asleep while making another post. If I won the auction I'll pay whatever it is for the car and any '30's style body.

                          If 18nascar is declared the winner that's okay too. My offer still stands if Brew wants to offer up another similar build.


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                            Slothead: Just bid the car & contact me later about bodies...OK? Brew