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WTB: SlotIt Wynn’s Porsche Chassis

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  • WTB: SlotIt Wynn’s Porsche Chassis

    Looking for a chassis or rear tunnel for a Wynn’s Porsche 962.
    Somewhere I saw a post where someone made a brass chassis for this car. Thought the factory chassis might be available.
    I did the hot water trick to flatten my chassis and the paint discolored.

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    Thats interesting 🤔 I just did a chassis baking. And all worked out perfect. Boiled the water to a steady roll and put the oven to 250 and let it sit over night with the oven off. And Wam! Perfect chassis. But my chassis was a sidways bmw m1 chassis. The paint was not harmed. Has two red parts painted on the back wonder if the paint they used on the sideways was better paint.


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      Can someone share a video of the correct way to implement the "hot water trick" ? I'm intrigued!


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        All try and make one soon. But if you look up on YouTube "ascc slot it set up" he does a great job in showing how to set up a slot car from scratch! I just followed his technique make sure to thumbs 👍.


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          Not a video but straight from the manufacturer: .
          For the doubters:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	6135E7A5-E9FF-46B2-8B54-6E42553E3CF6.jpeg
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Size:	1.23 MB
ID:	40179
          The paint that was in the water lightened. Original color is the darker of the two.


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            I guess needs to revise their document to state "Remove all rear trim/tunnel pieces.".

            I would suggest you either find some paint to match or paint it flat black.

            Or, send an email to Maurizio at and they might send you a replacement piece.