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WTB - McLaren M8D rear wheels

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  • WTB - McLaren M8D rear wheels

    Looking to buy a set of rear aluminum hubs for my McLaren M8D kit that did not come with any running gear.

    Thanks, Chet

  • #2
    I can check if I have them. I tend to reuse them as fronts for other cars. I would recommend the slot it 15.8x8 airwheels if you can’t find a stock set. The cars run so much better with them. At least on wood tracks.


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      What do you use for rears, then?

  • #3
    Hey Chet,
    Sorry but i couldn't find the stock rears I took off my cars. They have to be on the fronts of other cars.


    • #4
      I use the 15.8x8 airwheels with NSR 5208s glued and trued. Then a 13/31 gear ratio makes them fly!


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        Was the car missing the parts or was it purchased knowing that the parts were not included? If it was missing some parts I would report it or take it back to the seller or let Maurizio at know - he is very good at making things right. The replacement part numbers are W15808215a for the wheels and PA63 for the inserts.



        • #6
          Nope, no missing parts. It was a Dan Gurney M8D kit that included the chassis, body only. No running gear. I was late to the game and the ready to run # 48s were the 1st to sky rocket in price. Just trying to piece it together and thanks for all of the suggestions.


          • #7
            In that case I would definitely get the air wheels for the rear and NSR tires then the normal solid fronts.