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  • 1/43 stuff for sale or trade

    I bought 4 model car donor bodies online to turn into slot cars and was told they were 1/32 scale. I should have known better with the fuzzy out of focus pictures and the guy assuring me the wheelbase was "about 3 1/2" but so it goes. So I'll take any reasonable offer on these or swap for 1/32 scale or vintage 1/24 scale bits. Actually prefer to trade but if I have to put a price on these I'll say that I paid 20 bucks shipped and would like to break even if I can. If someone can use these hit me up. The Jag E type has a wheelbase of 2 1/4" and appears complete minus the right half of the rear bumper. Camaro & Mustang fastback have a 2 1/2" wheelbase and appear to be all there other than whatever was supposed to stick through the hood of the Mustang. 57 Chevy has a 2 3/4" wheelbase, missing the rear axle & rear bumper. No clue who made any of these and they are unmarked.
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