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*SOLD* Porsche 962 & 956*SOLD*

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  • *SOLD* Porsche 962 & 956*SOLD*

    *SOLD* Porsche 962 and 956. Excellent condition. No cases. $35 each + shipping to lower 48. *SOLD*Click image for larger version  Name:	0D9B5BE6-0F2C-47AE-B828-93767779D057.jpeg Views:	7 Size:	498.3 KB ID:	21930Click image for larger version  Name:	0C2D07F3-F657-4270-B876-0EB19E465570.jpeg Views:	7 Size:	489.6 KB ID:	21931Click image for larger version  Name:	A1665AC2-4F29-4F90-8D40-BA8EC54BE46B.jpeg Views:	7 Size:	776.7 KB ID:	21932Click image for larger version  Name:	0FB66DEC-FC03-462B-AC75-90F116A8A958.jpeg Views:	7 Size:	806.0 KB ID:	21933Click image for larger version  Name:	34610C01-E487-4731-9046-94B4630F7D21.jpeg Views:	7 Size:	852.0 KB ID:	21934Click image for larger version  Name:	78C409DF-568B-400C-8B8A-D8292E4D2FC8.jpeg Views:	7 Size:	888.0 KB ID:	21935Click image for larger version  Name:	80F164F9-1A6A-413F-9000-DC86E936F5F5.jpeg Views:	7 Size:	882.1 KB ID:	21936Click image for larger version  Name:	5FC3FF76-D71E-4E08-9F0C-3E1D64A17223.jpeg Views:	7 Size:	995.1 KB ID:	21937Click image for larger version  Name:	61323C23-C4D2-4612-BC96-6F5D5219D152.jpeg Views:	7 Size:	953.1 KB ID:	21938
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    PM sent


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      wow that was quick. Id like to reserve my spot next in line of the deal falls through.
      Lance Sofa racer