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3D Printed Crash Walls with Fences

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  • 3D Printed Crash Walls with Fences

    Can't find the Ninco walls and fences? Maybe these will do.
    These are 3D printed (FFF style) walls with fences. They are segmented and so can bend in, out, or in an S-curve as needed. They have extra clips so that you can remove a clip where it interferes with the track or border, and still have plenty of connection points. You can even remove segments easily, in case you need the wall to fit a specific area that doesn't divide evenly by fence length. These can be printed in any color.
    They sell as a set of 4 walls with fences for $20, shipping NOT included. I will ship worldwide.
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    Those are nice. What is the length of the wall, and height of the wall with fence?


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      Sorry, I have a hard time remembering to get to all the forums. There are too many!
      To answer, each wall is 207mm in length, and the wall/fence height is 100mm, or 95mm off the surface of the track. They were modeled with the Ninco wall/fence as a template for size.

      Please email or PM me for more information.
      [email protected]


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        FYI - 207 mm is 8.15 inches, and 100 mm is 3.94 inches.

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      Originally posted by 32lbking View Post
      Those are nice. What is the length of the wall, and height of the wall with fence?
      They are nice. I have bought about 60 or so of those walls. I have launched cars at them in corners and have not had any cars leave the teach table.


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        I can vouch for these. I printed several of these for my track:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200625_202341.jpg
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        It's a nice design....prints easily, bends easily, assembles easily. Mine are just hot glued to the MDF to avoid hurting a car. I downloaded some of the advertising banners and attached them with spray glue. I think they look pretty good.
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