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wanted 1/32 wire chassis (not sure if this is the right spot)

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  • wanted 1/32 wire chassis (not sure if this is the right spot)

    hi guys

    i couldn't see any obvious place to post a wanted ad so i figure this is it.

    hope im in the right spot

    looking for a 1/32 wire chassis to play around with. if anyone has anything they are willing to part with please let me know


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    If you mean like these, then they are available thru Pendles and many shops in the states. Thay and very similar are sold under the name of Racer, BRM, Mitoos, and PCS/Pendle. Click image for larger version

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      Chassis mitch not wheels.
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        Do you mean like a brass soldered scratch built chassis?


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          thanks guys.
          sorry for not being clear.

          yes i am referring to a scratch built chassis to go under some kind of body.

          i would prefer something that will go under a GT3 body but i am open to anything at this point

          hope that helps



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            Probably not too many of those laying around as they are usually built to fit a specific body. The Patriot Evolution chassis may work as it is a steel based chassis. I’m sure many can clean me up on this. Or someone may respond and help with a chassis build for you. Which GT3 car?
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              im open to anything. i would like to see what they are like. i would be happy to buy a complete car if need be.
              maybe if i ever find the time i would like to try build my own but for the time being buying one is more viable


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                Scale Racing Products has a very good adjustable flat steel chassis that needs a motor pod. It isn't cheap, but it is well made.

                Metal chassis for conversion of Group C Lancia, Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes cars -
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