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FLAT Scalextric Border Kerb/Curb Inserts

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  • FLAT Scalextric Border Kerb/Curb Inserts

    Did you miss out on the black borders for your Scalextric Classic or Sport track that had the flat kerbs (curbs)? Were you not able to procure enough of them for your layout? Or, did you need the R1 outer as a flat kerb, which Scalextric never even produced? If you still have the bump kerbs with the red and white stripes, and are tired of your performance cars getting upset by the transition over that bump, then fret no more! Just buy some of these and put them in place of the bump curbs (kerbs).

    The attached image shows one of my printed borders in the center, with OEM flat inserts in the borders on either side of it. My borders are a little shiny due to the nature of the 3d printing material. They can be scuffed with sandpaper, or hit with a spay of matte finish if you don't like that type of finish. Or, if you're willing to pay extra for material that will have a less shiny finish, we can work that out. ;-)

    I have inserts available for all the border pieces Scalextric produced, even ones that they never made the flat ones for (R1 outer, and R2 inner)! These prints include the same tabs used for clipping in the OEM kerbs, and fit perfectly and snugly in all of them, however, the "vertical" tabs can be very fragile, and easily snap off during installation.

    The BEST way to install the kerbs is to first insert those vertical tabs, and then CAREFULLY bend the border while holding the kerb firmly in place, so that the horizontal tabs can pop into place. If the tabs break, just keep proceeding with the installation, and they may still hold in place fairly well.

    If the tabs break AND the borders keep coming out of the slot, you'll need to glue them in place. Hot glue works well. I have printed and test fitted all these pieces, and they fit well. They have also been serving long term on a couple other tracks in my clubs.

    I have stock on black colored inserts, but can print what you need in almost any color of the rainbow (though I cannot guarantee a perfect match for the OEM tan border color).

    $1 USD per TWO kerb insert pieces. Shipping is extra, and I will ship worldwide.
    Click image for larger version

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  • #2
    While I have a wood track, and do not need these,.....I must say they look great,...well done

    Happy Holidays
    Chris Walker


    • #3
      nice and yes I will be getting some for my lay out...
      THE other Vancouver aka Vancouver Washington across the river from keep Portland weird....
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      • #4
        Very nice I've made a couple straight ones out of wood ,a lot of work! When everything settles down after Xmas I'll look in to ordering some . I don't understand why they don't make them flat in the first place and if you wanted raised one's you could order them!


        • #5
          Design by committee of people who don't slot race competitively, I'd imagine.
          I look forward to hooking you guys up with some flat kerbs.


          • #6
            Brilliant idea. Wood track here, but this is something we always needed for the borders.

            Well done sir!


            • #7
              Looks to be a desirable, well-made product, priced right. I run on wood, but would definitely purchase these if I had a Scalextric track.
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