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SOLD damaged SRC Classic F1 lucky strike

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  • SOLD damaged SRC Classic F1 lucky strike

    car is damaged
    Popped front wheel in place made laps
    car was crashed hard by a 4 year old
    see pictures,

    SOLD to B Boy
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    Sorry for your luck
    Eric Foster
    Port Republic Va


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      If it runs, I’ll start at $25.00 plus ship. So sorry to see that happend.
      Mike - Galena Ohio

      "When you're back there with the squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts cracked." - Graham Rahal


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        Why not glue it up and let the 4 year old continue to enjoy it? The damage has been done and letting the 4 year old continue to break this one, will prevent other cars from suffering the same fate.

        I suggest getting a big bottle of glue…


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          Originally posted by Lou E View Post
          Why not glue it up and let the 4 year old continue to enjoy it?
          Sounds like a great decoy!

          Eugene, OR
          Thingiverse stuff


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            I'd try to glue a piece of styrene under the wing to support it as well as gluing the seam. Possibly even glue a matching piece under the other side to help against future breaks. Then use E6000 to glue the rear spoiler back on.

            If you don't want to do that I'll bid $30 for it.