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WTB: Carrera hi banked turns sections and borders

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  • WTB: Carrera hi banked turns sections and borders

    i need two R4 x 15 and R3 x 30 banked turn pieces, I would also like inside and outside borders. Thanks.


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    FYI, I came across some of these individual pieces on bargain lots section - particularly the 4/15 high banked curve pieces. Not sure if the price is right for you, but have a look:


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      Just posted this without thinking if we allow links to commercial sites. Sorry if that's a no-no.

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    Thanks. I’ll take a look. Our track has a flat 180 - R4/15 entry and exit and R3s in the middle - that is pretty fast. I’d like to have a banked turn that I can substitute for fun. Not sure I’d keep it full time but the folks who come race at “man cave” nights would get a kick out of it. Trying to avoid buying two complete sets of turns and borders. Carrera is sure proud of their track bits.


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      Bruce at Cincyslots has radius 1,2, and 3 high banked sections available by the piece. Give him a call, he may have some pieces that aren't listed.
      Last edited by 32lbking; December 18, 2019, 03:56 PM. Reason: I was looking on Professor Motor and they have inside borders for all radius of banked curve. I thought Carrera only made them for the 1/30 bank.