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wanted BRM Trans AM #11 black gold

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  • wanted BRM Trans AM #11 black gold

    Looking for this car

  • #2
    Have you visited “”?
    Alan advised they’d be available shortly.


    • #3
      Thank you < yes Alan knows I am looking... He didnt say they were coming back so ill definitely check in


      • #4
        Thank you for the info......Im actually talking about the one made several years ago. It is a discontinued sold out Livery. #11 Black and Gold pinstripe


        • dinglebery
          dinglebery commented
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          A picture is worth a thousand words...

      • #5
        The Smokey Yunick car - quite spectacular - like all these Trans Am cars. I will keep an eye out they do come up occasionally.

        Dangermouse to the rescue.


        • #6
          Not enough demand but the 1:24 trans am cars are awesome. Id like the to make more along w more of that scale


          • WB2
            WB2 commented
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            There are 1/24 Barracuda and Trans-Am model kits that could be donors for the BRM chassis.
            It would be nice if the BRM chassis was adjustable, but with the guide on the same plate with the rear wheels it would be tough.