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  • Trakmate

    I'm having a problem with my Trakmate system - it has stopped triggering the relay for the track power. I emailed Trakmate for support, but after two weeks they still haven't responded. Has anyone else encountered this problem; and is there a fix other than replacing the module?

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    Have you tried replacing the relay?
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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      Originally posted by War Eagle River View Post
      Have you tried replacing the relay?
      Yes. The relay is fine.


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        Surprised Daniel from Trackmate hasn't replied, he’s usually very prompt with his responses. Have you tried calling him?
        Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


        • War Eagle River
          War Eagle River commented
          Editing a comment
          Do you have the old red interface, or the newer black one? Relay not working (for new SCL3 USB black interface board)
          Check installation settings and make sure that relay option is not set to none.
          A 12 volt adapter needs to be plugged into the interface for the relay to work. The adapters we ship have a green LED on them, the LED must be on.
          The adapter must have a 2.1mm plug with center negative, verify your replacement adapter is center negative , the “12v” LED on interface should come on.
          Some non-Trackmate relays have a diode across the coil. If pins 85 and 86 are connected wrong then the diode will conduct and short the 12 volt adapter and possibly kill it. Trackmate does not ship relays with diodes.

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        Thanks, Scott, You pointed me in the right direction. It was in the settings. I must have mucked it up when I switched from a dead strip to a light bridge. Everything works now!!