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  • exterior stain

    has anyone used a solid body stain to paint there track? if you have,how's it to run on?

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    Now this is a thread I want to watch


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      not much action. went with satin latex,shark skin. will post some photos soon,


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        Would think that a flat chalk board paint would look good , imho


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          Sorry I missed this before. I still can't get used to this new format.

          The exterior stain is nice and grippy, but it will erase in a very short while, and you will be on wood. The shark skin finish will serve you well, "rubbering in" quickly to make a nice consistent surface. Chalkboard paint was popular for a while, but it is unnecessarily expensive and ordinary flat paint lasts longer. The best solution for surface is still to buy the "goofs" from the paint counter and have them color it and flatten it to your order. These are the general conclusions we reached over time on HRW after more than a decade.


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            actually its a satin latex. the color, is shark skin, sorry for the mix up.


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              Curious...maybe I am missing something...

              But my tracks are all done in satin latex.

              Building Show-Me Speedway Article Here

              I used 3 coats. Still holding up fine today.


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                Just so its understood, all paint is gloss until flatteners are added. That's why you can get so many variations of reflectivity in the "base" they put color in when you buy it. Flatteners have a direct effect on traction, but not always the same way. Different tire compounds, differences in humidity, application, etc all have direct effects on the differences between finishes, too.

                It is funny, that shark skin really is the same finish as satin.