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    Ridgeline raceway in framingham ma. is finally switching over from tape to braid. Have finished removing the tape with the help of my daughter.I have discovered a few issues.So far the biggest issue is that the slot shrank.I used water based paint for the slots and think it caused the fibers to now im sanding the surface then re-routing the slot before i route the gains.i found this out when the gains bit pin wouldnt fit in the slot.This time im going to prime with a solvent based paint.Im also routing the slot depth a bit more. Im thinking all this this will help drop lap times a little. Click image for larger version

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    bill ,framingham ma

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    made some headway. original paint was sanded,slots re routed,and a first new coat of paint applied. that coat was sanded then gains were routed. now getting ready for second coat of paint. Click image for larger version

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    bill ,framingham ma


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      Looking good Bill!


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        Looking good sir!


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          Coming along nicely - almost ready for some braid!

          email: [email protected] phone: 603.753.6263


          • Billy boy
            Billy boy commented
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            struggling not to rush it. Really want it to come out nice.

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          Can't wait to see that first lap with braid powered by the 9V battery! It's an important ceremonial step
          Come Race at The Trace!
          Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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            SECOND COAT ON. will sand the gains tommorow and clean for lane colors.have ordered the scc paint distribution system which will arrive tomorrow. Click image for larger version

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            bill ,framingham ma


            • TuscoTodd
              TuscoTodd commented
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              Definitely looking good after that second coat!

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            my new best friend Click image for larger version

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            bill ,framingham ma


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              slots and gains painted. maybe start braid tuesday after work Click image for larger version

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              bill ,framingham ma


              • Slot Car Corner
                Slot Car Corner commented
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                Nice job masking the gains/slots with painters tape. Once you remove the painters tape and apply your braid, the track is going to look amazing!

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              MDF is funny stuff alright. I resurrected one of our group's best tracks a few years ago, and it was our oldest. The routs were at least eight years old when I got it, and no time at all after it was set up at my place, the slots hydrated and swelled, the thin area below the slots turned to dust, and it slowly disentegrated no matter what I did. I ended up junking the whole thing. That's when I decided that all my slots were going to have hard shell enamel in the slots from then on.


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                braid is done!!! what a difference. start wireing tommorow Click image for larger version

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                bill ,framingham ma


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                  Gorgeous looking track! Did you run the ceremonial first lap with the 9V battery?
                  Come Race at The Trace!
                  Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                    i havnt. the track is already wired so it shouldnd take long to move and reconnect to the new terminal blocks.
                    bill ,framingham ma


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                      So i busted out the 9v this morning and took a car around the track, this is going to be GOOD!
                      bill ,framingham ma


                      • chappyman66
                        chappyman66 commented
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                        Awesome...that first lap is always fun to see after all the work. Great job!

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                      wiring it now
                      bill ,framingham ma