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Don’t forget controller maintenance!

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  • Don’t forget controller maintenance!

    Thanks for all the advice on my previous post regarding cleaning copper tape. I cleaned it using a cloth lightly dampened with lighter fluid but still had irregular running. Held controller steady for a couple laps and the problem disappeared, so it wasn’t the tape or guide braid. Problem returned when speed was varied. Duh! Lightbulb moment- I realized that I had never cleaned the controller contacts for fear of messing something up. Dug out the instructions from PM and cleaned them- yuck! Problem solved. We newbies live and learn. Will repeat every few weeks as recommended from here on out.

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    Don’t feel bad most people do the same thing, my PMs have a LOT of laps under their belt and I think I’ve only ever cleaned them twice


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      If you are using an electronic controller that has potentiometers it is a good idea work those through their entire rage a few times every time you use the controller. If the pots are left in the same position all of the time corrosion can occur that will cause the controller to behave erratically. Working the pots helps to keep corrosion from building up. A shot of contact cleaner once in a while is a good idea as well. There is a very small opening in the case of a pot right where the center connection is located. If you are using contact cleaner be sure that it is plastic safe.