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  • New Routed Track

    So here is a routed track project that I have been working on. Still getting some of the bugs worked out. It's AC2Car with BLST flippers.

    Click image for larger version

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    Please explain what are BLST flippers?


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      They are automatic flippers based on where the cars are that change lanes so you can overtake the car you are pursuing. The car will always travel around the track on the best line or the race line until the cars are close enough that they will then start to race each other (on separate track lanes) until one overtakes and then they go back to the best line or race line.


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        Is this your first foray into AC2Car?


        • GTI
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          Yes, I had it running on my plastic track and then worked with David from Sillage. He is the one who I was able to get the flippers from and helped with the initial design and know-how of the system. Another forum member helped me manipulate the original design so that I could fit it into my space.

        • WB2
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          So how do you decide which car gets which diode?
          Or does a ghost car get one diode direction while all of your runners go the other way?

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        I had never heard of BLST flippers or AC2Car before this. I checked out their website. This is very interesting. Any additional comments or information you would like to share would be appreciated.


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          BLST was the original name of the system by David from Sillage. He is in France and has a website as well that shows the detail and many tracks. I like it since it AC2Car allows you to basically race analog with two cars sharing the same track lines. You can also run digital systems with these flippers as well. His site has much more complex tracks. I like to run ghost cars and race around the bunch. I also made the track to go oval or road course.


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            Also, my flippers are the older version of what he is currently using. It took me many years about 8 before I finally am able to put this together (since I got the flippers) keeps you busy with things.

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          Very well done. I really like your set up.
          Eric Foster
          Port Republic Va


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            WB2, Diodes are put in the cars and then you either hook up to the right or left rail. The diode are really cheap and easy to install. You basically set up A cars and B cars. Since they run on the same rails it really doesn't matter which you set up. Unless you want to have specific ghost cars to run against. Also you can run solo cars on the A controller with no diode. The B controller will make the car go in reverse (with no diode). Often times I would run the same cars (2-3) with one controller. They need to be pretty close running mates to control around the track.

            one32, thank you.


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              That is one nice set up....Way more advanced ,but reminds me of ELDON's Selectronic system from the 60's..
              Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...