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  • Track build update.

    I got some destruction accomplished. This gives me 24ft. or so for the long sections with 2ft. of marshal space all around. I have 10 sheets of MDF to be delivered and a bunch of 2x4s and sawhorse brackets for support. I am going to score some prime 120 year old oak 2x4s out of the destruction project. I Feel Rich!... That's Bobo My main helper in the pic.

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    Must be a nice old house. Beautiful doors and woodwork.
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      Yup, save those doors, they are beautiful.
      Great space, though.
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        Years ago, a friend bought an old farmhouse and property in Arkansas and discovered that the studs were native willow, cut and cured onsite over a century before. They were like iron. He did his paneling and drywall with Liquid Nails. Nails and screws were impossible. He had to grind the tacks that held the plaster lath on- no way to pull them. In the old days, people built with what they had, and the further out in the countryside you go, the more primitive and practical the construction gets. That house in Arkansas was older than the redirect of the Mississippi River due to the New Madrid Earthquake, predating the War of 1812. The Big River ran backwards for a day, creating Reelfoot Lake. Good luck. If you have questions as you go along, there are people on HRW to inform you in just about any field.


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          Way to go Dave! I used to live in an older home in town, and all the bedrooms were small and without closets. Had to take some plaster and lath walls down too. Messy dusty job., but the end result was worth it. Looking forward to more progress pictures. Good luck!
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