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    Saw a post in our FB group of a track with a "Viking" theme. Named of course: Valhalla Raceway.

    Click image for larger version

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    I tell ya, I think it's a hoot. You don't see this often.

    So many of you have themes. The mighty Doc Reinecke modeled his favorite track from his memories. Brain Sharp built an oval that reminds him of days past.

    Many of you have.

    So what "themes" interest you to build...or that you have already? Post them up please, I think it would be great for others to see.

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    Love it! That’s the plan for the On30 layout here.
    Imagine how far you could run with that ball as a racetrack!


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      If I ever have time or quit running the 1/24 track, I would like to build a plastic track setup with Monogram track and copy this magazine cover into the layout. It would be a 60's kids dream, The track plan would not have to be large or complicated. I have always liked Woodland Trace and Riverside and some track plan similar to those would be fine and 5 or 6 foot by 12 foot would be plenty big and I would have no problem using less voltage or slower motors to have a user friendly track with full landscaping. Currently my 1/24 racing takes up most of my time. I maintain cars for 5 other racers, plus my own stuff. I could build the 1/32 track at home and it would be 24 hour access! I might just stick to a 2 lane track.
      Click image for larger version

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      Matt B
      So. In


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        If I ever do another oval, I'd like to represent the original Daytona beach track. Paint one side like asphalt and the other like sand, with some dunes and low scrub in the infield. Beach mural on the back wall.
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          If anyone can do this, and do it right? It would be you sir.

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        Our track is named War Eagle River. Taken of course from the mighty War Eagle River in War Eagle, Arkansas, in the Ozark's. We have a farm that overlooks the river, and the track reflects a few of the bends in the river. No scenery needed, as we have a 180* view!
        Click image for larger version

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        Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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          I didn't have a "theme" as such but was trying to emulate an old road course from the 50s or 60s. I think I found it. Click image for larger version

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            I like tracks with a mid 60s sports car theme to them, but when I built the current version of Woodland Trace Raceway, I didn't have the vintage graphics I would have liked. I also wanted to run modern cars and I thought about how running them on a vintage race track might seem out of place. As if that matters.

            Anyway, I decided to build a racetrack that is not an accurate replica of any specific racetrack, but rather one that has "the feel" of a real racetrack. And I decided it would be something maybe a few years older than the time that I built it.

            I also decided that it would have a historics theme. That way, cars from any era would not look out of place.

            My track was influenced in it's overall shape by Laguna Seca, compressed to fit my narrow basement. It's a lot greener than Laguna Seca, because, well - Woodland Trace - the name of the street I live on.

            Woodland Trace has elements of Laguna Seca (the Corkscrew and the Andretti Hairpin) and Le Mans (the Dunlop Bridge). And soon I will be adding a pedestrian bridge that is heavily influenced by the Champion Bridge at Riverside.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	_DSC7266a.jpg Views:	0 Size:	112.2 KB ID:	46050
            Last edited by Fast Co.; July 20, 2020, 10:34 AM.
            Team SCANC
            Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
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              It always looks great to me.
              Matt B
              So. In


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                Dread Pirate Roberts Raceway is names after the movie The Princess Bride and well me, John Roberts. The basic layout was loosely based on Riverside Raceway. it is a 15 x 6.5 wood routed track. I bought it from a friend and converted it from copper tap to non-magnetic braid. Then the fun started my Friend, JV (Impusive) and I spent about 2 months putting the scenery on it. Pit buildings are Carrera, painted up. Signs are Miller Engineering electric billboards.
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                  My first wood track was already scenic'ed when I bought it (the builder had built an incredible new track), so all I did was straighten a curve and repaint with a slightly gritty black paint that allowed me to lightly sand the surface to expose a very realistic asphalt roadway. So it became a fantasy rural 3 lane blacktop and was named that.

                  Next was an old track I tried to save but it was too old and I didn't even get to do the scenery before I had to junk it.

                  What's coming up is a track I have wanted to build for ages. It will be a swamp track, straight from southern Louisiana. Complete with pelicans, alligators, a beer joint, a still for making home made rocket fuel, women of leisure in small trailers behind the beer joint, fishermen poling pirogues, and a BBQ grill that could only happen in a dream complete with hickory smoke. There will be a a grass landing strip with a 1/32nd airplane on it, and in the distance, a shrimp boat out there on the salt (lots of what Dave would call forced perspective).


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                    Timberline Trace is my homage to Road America. It happens to fit OK on the table space that I have available. It's named for my subdivision and the alliteration (I am lazy).
                    It's a 2 lane vintage road course with minimal runoff so you need to drive the track.
                    Some construction pics:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20180224-173112.jpg
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                    Lanes painted
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20180224-230015.jpg
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                    Road surface finished
                    Click image for larger version

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                    The Start/Finish bridge (3D printed, and cars are going the wrong way)
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20190622-132218.jpg
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                    The new updated crash fence on Turn 1 and 2:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20200625_202341.jpg
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                    I have scenery in process, but it's nowhere near complete....I may be able to post some other pictures later.

                    Come Race at The Trace!
                    Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                      Looks great!
                      Team SCANC
                      Woodland Trace Raceway - SlotZuka - Bent Tree Raceway
                      OFI - Buena Vista Motorsports Park - Slotkins Glen
                      Leadfinger Raceway


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                        Le Circuit du Soleil is being bullt to have a late-60's, early 70's, vibe... It is set set near a small non-descript village "somewhere" in France. One famous resident, who owned a small estate in the area, was the famed Jean-Pierre Sarti, who tragically lost his life in a horrific accident at Monza in 1966 (as chronicled in the film Grand Prix). The locals loved Sarti and revere him to this day. I am writing a short story about the early days of the track and Sarti's involvement with it (it involves a certain Count d'Monet and his children Shoumi and Evonna). I intend on producing a race program, advertising materials, tickets, and other paraphernalia to frame and put on the walls in the room where my track is located.

                        Click image for larger version

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                        We don't stop playing games because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing games!


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                          Originally posted by Fast Co. View Post
                          Anyway, I decided to build a racetrack that is not an accurate replica of any specific racetrack, but rather one that has "the feel" of a real racetrack.
                          That's the way I approached this HO dirt oval. ​​​​​


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                            Sorrry can´t see the pictures, only me?

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                            Can't see them either, but hope I'll get to. There are 2 memorable HO 'dirt' ovals in my past, so I'm interested.

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                            Uh-oh. I'll try again later today.

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                          Let's start over; can you see them now?
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                            I remember that track.

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                            An outdoor, dirt oval slot track - very nice. I'll take any car on the inside lane.

                          • Fast Co.
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                            I'm not a big oval guy, but you nailed it. Your track looks very realistic. Awesome!