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  • Newbie - Track Set up

    Hi everyone. I am new to this after about 40 years since the last time I did it and want to set up a Carrera Digital track. Plan is using 1/32 cars. I want basically a set up that has a 14-16 foot straight away. Want it about 4 feet wide so I can access the cars from one side of 14-16 foot length. I am not interested in pit stops but want the lap tracking, lane switching, … Any help with this would be appreciated. I am not picky in the design. Just want something that would be fun. Right now all I have is a starter Evolution Set this analog. Also a question would be do you think I would need a transformer with this type of set up?

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    Morning KKOSH. Welcome to digital. There are other people that can help you with the design but if you are limited to 4' wide then you are also limited to the standard curves in the Carrera sets. Since you only have an Evolution set the cheapest way would be to buy a Digital set to get a couple of cars and a lane changer or two along with some additional straights and a box of R2 (2/30) curves to intermix with the standard R1 (1/60) curves.. As far as the power supply goes, starting out it is fine. It will handle almost any length track. If you get into the 1/24 cars you will need to upgrade as they run higher volts. There are a number of lap timing options including a couple of apps along with computer generated software. Include you overall table/floor dimensions as people will need it for the design.
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      Thanks! Decided on layout. 12 foot long table (straight away of about that hopefully) and let’s go 5 feet wide on the table if that helps. (Or if 4 foot is easier for design that’s fine). So does it make sense to buy a digital set rather than get the thing separately? Meaning I would like these things. Would love help in design of track also. Thanks so much.

      Carrera 10109 NEW 2.4 GHz Wireless Control Set DUO Digital 124/132

      Carrera 30354 Startlight, Digital 124/132

      Carrera 30357 Position Tower, Digital 124/132

      Carrera 30355 Lap Counter, Digital 124/132

      Carrera 30352 Control Unit, Digital 124/132
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        Well you have to figure you have almost $300 in the wireless setup/control unit and 2 digital cars and that is without any lane changers it makes sense to get a set. I think the cheapest wireless set is about $375 and it gives you all the above plus more track and at least 1 lane changer. IF you have a lap top/old computer, Bruce Yingling has software that does everything and it's free or a small donation. That will eliminate the need for the lap counter/position tower and startlight. No set comes with any of those items. Basic lane changers would be 1 double lane changer or 1 each of a left and right lane changer. You can't have just 1 single lane changer as you would never be able to get back to the other lane. Opening up your width to 5' makes it easier for a variety of layouts. I'm surprised no one has posted yet. It might help to post this in the Carrera forum.
        Dave Click image for larger version

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          I'm not as good as others with design but would agree that another set is the best way to convert to digital for all the reasons Dave has already mentioned. Wireless is nice especially if you plan to race with more people than less. most layouts get pretty crowded around the CU with 4 or more people on tethered controllers. On width, I have a large L shape & 5' & 6' wide, 5 is very doable, 6 is hard, especially if you have scenery and can't stand on your table. A car grabber helps (get them at a pharmacy) but If you can keep your straights on those far back sides with no chicanes, cross overs or lane changers, that goes a long way to keeping cars on the track on the hard to reach spots.


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            This is the only wireless set that I can find. I do want wireless controllers. Should I then just buy this set and piece everything together after that then?

            Just ordered the tables. Table length will be 12 foot by 5 foot.

            Carrera 30008 DTM Furore Set, Digital 132 w/Lights and Wireless Controllers


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              That's my first 1/32 scale set that I just bought last week, sweet set!

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            That's the one I purchased. Similar situation. Haven't done slot cars in 40 years.

            Thing is...there are some issues with the digital chips in this set. Very, very long thread about it over on I've run into the exact same speed issues with this set just purchased less than a month ago.

            I have an open case with about it as I tried to purchase two new digital chips and ended up with the same NCE chips instead of the AO chips. Dealer has an email out to Carrara dealer support to see what we can do.

            Basically the issue is that these two cars have an NCE digital FET where any other cars typically in dealer stock seem to have the AO FET. So when you turn down the max speed settings the cars DO NOT behave the same. The DTM cars are much faster and harder to control than the older cars making it hard to have an equal race between them ... if you reduce the % speed on the scale of 1-10.

            IF you simply leave the speed at 10, then they both seem OK and the race is very equal, but the DTM cars out of the box are horrible on 10. Once I trued the tires on the DTM cars though they became manageable on 10 or max speed.

            In any case, the set is nice other than the chip speed problem which can be cured quickly by truing the tires and keeping all cars at max speed until Carrera can come up with a solution to their FET chip issue between the NCE and AO.

            I have some PaulGage tires PGT-20125LMXD coming for the DTM cars too that should improve things even further, but at the moment using the stock track design of DTM Furore and stock cars with trued tires and speed 10, we're averaging around 2.8 seconds per lap and sometimes we can get 2.5. Much better than where we started at 3.5 to 3.3 seconds per lap out of the box.
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              What about this set up for a track. Should fit on my table? 12x5.
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                Looks like a good layout for the space. Has larger radius curves, decreasing radius curves and elevations. Only potential issue I see is the elevated hairpin on the right. Not sure if you will be able elevate the 2- 2/30 curves leading into the hairpin enough to get sufficient clearance for the track section below it without raising the double lane changer too. If you do need to raise the lane changer just be sure that both sections of the lane changer are perfectly flat where they join. Otherwise it may not operate properly.

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              Lots of great input here already, have purchased but need to setup my Carrera Furore set! Hopefully my cars don't have the same chip problem as Ronbok, but suspect they will. I've got Tire Razor to true and glue all wheels/tires, helps every car I've ever bought.

              Kkosh, that's a nice looking layout you posted, how's progress? Did you design that layout or something you found online? I've got old 5x10' table to setup on initially (might not quite fit the Furore 'factory layout', but going to build new table starting out at about 6x12' in my garage, can add on later.


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                I have a very fun 57' routed road course on a 6' x 13' table and you should be able to come up with a design you love using Carrera track too. Don't be bound by the 'factory' layout on the box, be creative and design something that inspires you. Consider elevation changes on each table, they add to the fun of racing. Track supports can be easily made from blocks of foam.


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                  I am newbie also, I down loaded slotman and played around with different ideas. Came up with a few nice track layouts. I have a l-shaped set up using two 4x8 sheets. I made 5 tables so I was able to make adjustments. My set is the Formula Rivals, then I purchased 30367 Track Extension Set, and a pitlane. Also purchased 9 curves from ebay.


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                    Looks like you're off to a good start. It can help to put fast or tight corners near ends of the table that are easy to access. Mixing the radius of track pieces makes for interesting corners - tight in then fast out, or vice versa.