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Overpass Height and Slope?

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  • Tycosaur
    I ran Fly Trucks on my previous track and about 4½" seemed good enough. Click image for larger version

Name:	Overpass 1.jpg
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    ​​I also cut the table and sunk the track under it to avoid the top track being too high.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Overpass 2.jpg
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ID:	142938 You want a gradual incline just put a ruler across the two sections of the track where they join. You don't want a peak or a valley under the ruler.

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  • Bal r 14
    I run Fly trucks. On my old track, I had 3 3/4" of clearance on my overpass. Try to keep the track under the overpass straight. A curved section under an overpass invites de-slotting.

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  • RichD
    You would certainly want to avoid a problem like this.

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  • mattb
    It actually doesn't need as much as you think. 1/32 is good at 2 1/2 - 3. 1/24 is good at 3 1/2. Measure a few cars and you'll see what you need. One suggestion, if you are all skilled drivers, no worries, but if not, a curvy overpass can be hard to navigate. A lot depends on driver skills.

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  • HO RacePro
    You want the overpass high enough that you can reach under it easily to retrieve a car.

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  • OXO cube
    overpass height will most likely be dictated by the cars you intend to use
    when building my track i didn't own any of the FLY trucks
    obviously when i acquired a couple of these trucks the overpass was too low and had to be raised ( i settled at 5mm truck clearance )
    this then led to the inclines being too steep which caused numerous problems , particularly in my 'corkscrew' section
    therefore IMO keep the gradients as shallow as possible . especially on the 'exit' side


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  • Fourshipp
    started a topic Overpass Height and Slope?

    Overpass Height and Slope?

    Setting up a new Carrera track and adding an overpass. I don’t have the Carrera overpass bridge sections.

    Two questions:

    1. how much clearance should I have under the crossover?

    2. how many sections prior to the cross over do you start raising the track?

    Here is a pic of the initial layout.


    Bruce Click image for larger version

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