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  • 16 x 8 Carrera Layout Ideas

    After a summer of working and playing outside, it is finally time to think about getting the track set back up in the new basement. The new space is 20‘ x 16‘. The old track was 20‘ x 8‘, and will not fit the new space in its original configuration. Fortunately the table is modular, and the sections can be rearranged to form a 16 x 8.

    I really like Rex’s Attleboro speedway layout. His layout is 16 x 6, and I’d like to do something similar to his but open it up to 8 feet wide. I have a double pit lane that 6 straight sections long and four lanes wide plus shoulders so I need to make sure I have room for that somewhere.

    I would love to see some ideas of similar sized tracks that are out there. I’d like to do something with a cross over this time so thoughts about what works and doesn’t work with these configurations are welcome. Show me what you got, please. Thank you.
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    Not my track, but I always liked this one, it is 4 lane Carrera. Add a little elevation change and maybe vary the "S" to what suits you. Without a crossover the racing might be closer than you think on this track. You can probably fit some variation of this into your space.
    Click image for larger version

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      Riverside in Carrera. Pretty cool.

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    Hi Fourshipp, one of the reasons I don't have a double pit lane is because I lack the pure straight length in 16ft to do it. The question is... does a double pit lane actually give you better racing? I tend to do 50-lap races where most people will have to refuel at least twice, and I really don't see people queueing up in pit lane in a way that suggests it's a problem. I'd also rather have more room for "racing" as opposed to "stopping."


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      Also, for bridges, remember that they ruin your line of site, so make sure that nothing interesting is going on beneath your bridge. If you've been following me on YouTube you'll see that I've made modifications to reduce under-bridge problems. Bridges are a great way to balance your curves, but use them sparingly.


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        If you replace my #3 turns on the outside of my layout with #4 turns, you're going to approach 8ft wide, but you'll have problems fitting the layout into 16ft, because the outer curves will be deeper.


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          Thanks, Rex. My double pit Lane has the pro X electronics mod so it automatically cycles cars to alternating lanes in the pits. Like you, I have a lot of amateurs racing and it has reduced pit accidents insignificantly.

          Thanks for all your comments, and yes those are all things I will take into consideration. I’m out of town the next week or so but when I get back I plan to start playing with the planning software. My previous track on a 20 foot long table at a full length front straight with large radius turns on each end. It was very fast. I like your use of the banked 180 on one end to basically replicate a long straight on a shorter table. I hope you incorporate something similar.

          I hope I can find room for the double pit Lane, but we will just have to see.


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            Yeah, the banked turn was specifically added to help bleed off the drag race down the main straight. At speeds 6+ cars will begin to fishtail if the tires aren't clean. Note the banked turn also climbs uphill to help keep cars planted and give me the elevation for the bridge.


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              Sorry for interrupt the flow of the conversation but I'm new to slot and I have a problem. I have a Carrera 1/32 and I bought a double cross lane section. When I connect that piece bot cars go at the same time with either one hand control and the track loos almost all power. I inspect the section and I cant find anything wrong. Help please !! Thanks


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                I am assuming this is a standard analog track, and not digital 132. You MUST have 2 of the double cross tracks in the lay out. With only one in the layout you are connecting both lanes electrically. That is why cars in both lanes are going at once. You must either have 2 double crossing tracks or NONE.