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Scalextric Sport and my poor planning mishap.

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  • Scalextric Sport and my poor planning mishap.

    Just wanted to pass along a word to the wise in hopes it may prevent the same mishap as I had to others building a scalextric track. Having been in the 1/32 scale end of the hobby since 2002, I have acquired a fair amount of classic track from scalextric. And when Scalextric came out with sport track I added some pieces to my track using the half length straight converter track pieces.
    Recently I took the plunge and bought a Arc Pro Platinum digital set. Using most of the set track and a few converter track pieces, I made a new permanent layout. It can be seen in the Show Us Your Track section of this forum. I call it Winterrun.
    I ran this layout until recently when I wanted to make some changes by adding some straight sections in front of LC's to improve the cars actuating the sensors and increasing the odds of making a successful lane change. But to do this I needed to get rid of the classic track pieces and convert them to sport track. So I ordered what I thought were R1 90 degree curves in sport track. I had to replace three of them in classic track. When the pieces showed up I was surprised to find they would not connect to my existing pieces. WTF!
    Much to my shame, I had not read the description of the pieces carefully enough, and had ordered 90 degree R1 "hairpin" curves. Not only do they not connect to my other track pieces, but the rails do not line up as they are squeeze track pieces.
    So BEWARE you old fellows who plan on upgrading your classic track with sport track. As I found out, it is probably cheaper and with fewer headaches to just go sport track all the way.
    Anyone interested in some R1 90 degree "hairpin" curves can PM me. I'll give you a deal!
    Scott C.
    Amherst, WI
    Just "a simple kind of man".