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Revoslot Proxy RAA 2021-2022 UPDATE

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  • Revoslot Proxy RAA 2021-2022 UPDATE

    Revoslot Proxy RAA. Rules and Registration
    • This is Proxy is designed for the Revoslot Chassis with the ability to use the factory Revoslot bodies listed below and the following non Revoslot bodies.

      VENTURI 500 LM GT2
    • Repaints of Revslot bodies, must be a good paint job with decals.

      Fees are $25 please PayPal [email protected] by May 1st
    • Cars are due May 15th. I will PM participants my address at a later date
      • Models Allowed
      • Any of RevoSlot’s models are allowed.
        • Porsche GT2
        • Marcos LM600
        • Dodge Viper
        • Toyota Supra
        • Ferrari F40
      • Body
      • No modifications to the exterior of the body is allowed.
      • Revoslot glass must be used. 3D lexan interior maybe used in place of Revoslot interior
      • The lexan cockpit and the windows may be Shoegoo’ed in place to keep them secure.
      • Body must start every race with all major parts intact including windows and wings.
      • Antennas, mirrors, wipers, tow hooks, and other small, protruding parts from the body are not required.
      • Wings must always be in place at the start of every heat. The wings must be held on securely with glue or tape, so they will not fall off during a heat. There will be no penalty for losing a wing during a heat.
      • If white body kit is used, exterior of body must be painted with at least one coat of paint.
      • If white body kit is used, the body must have numbers displayed on both sides and the top of the car.
      • The use of the rubber body bumpers is optional. These can be Shoegoo’ed in place.
      • Screws can be taped over to prevent loss during the race The tape may not control body or pod movement.
      • Rear lower valance may be removed for track clearance if needed
      • Non Revoslot bodies are to be secured using the factory holes and may not be modified.
        Non Revoslot bodies are to use original windows and glass
      • lexan interior may be used without the chassis being seen inside the car

      • No modifications to chassis are allowed except to adjust wheelbase for non Revoslot bodies if needed.
      • Modifications to the chassis float is allowed.
      • Front and rear axle holders cannot be modified in any way.
      • Front and rear bearings are free choice.
      • Only Revoslot stock guides are allowed 7mm or 9mm
      • No REVOSLOT TOYOTA GT-ONE or LMP chassis
      • Pick-up braids are free choice.
      • Traction magnets are not allowed.
      • Ballast may be used and secured on the chassis but not on the out side.
      • Lead wires are free choice.
      • 1.00 minimum ground clearance to start the series
      • Motor
      • Only the stock RevoSlot motor is allowed.
      • Modifications to the motor are not allowed.
      • Motor Pod
      • Only the stock RevoSlot motor pod is allowed.
      • Sanding the motor pod in any way is not allowed.
      • Modifications to the motor holder are not allowed.
      • Any Revoslot motor pod float bolts maybe used.
      • Gears
      • Only the RevoSlot 33t spur gear and 12t pinions are allowed.
      • The gear mesh can be adjusted using the motor holder.
      • Modifications to spur gear and pinion are not allowed.
      • Wheels
      • Only the RevoSlot wheels are allowed gen 1 cars may change to the wide Revoslot rear wheels
      • Only Revoslot wheel inserts are allowed.
      • Modifications to the wheels in any way are not allowed
      • The front wheel track must not exceed the factory contour of the fenders.
      • The rear wheel track must not exceed the factory contour of the fenders.
      • Axles
      • Only 3mm axles are allowed.
      • Tires
      • Only RevoSlot rear tires are allowed, any shore that is available.
      • Tires may be trued, glued and have their edges rounded.
      • Front tires may be trued, polished or hardened
      • Track Power
      • The series will be raced between 10-12 Volts at the hosts discretion

      Points will be awarded in descending order based on the number of entries with 1 additional point awarded to the top qualifier of each round.


    Rules thanks to Brumos RSR
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    Merrimack, NH

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    Couple ??'s

    Can we remove the ferrells that hold the motor wires in the guide, and use set screws instead?

    Also, my Marcos came with a spare wing along with rubber struts. Can I replace the original wing with the optional one with rubber struts?
    Dickie Pearson
    Canterbury, NH

    HOST - Home Operated Slot Tracks
    MSR - Main Street Racing


    • Austin
      Austin commented
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      If your Marcos came with the spare wing and struts new, then yes you can use them

      If you replace the ferrells with set screws then you must use Revoslot set screws

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    Can we put shims under the bearing holders, to lower the cars ?



    • Brumos RSR
      Brumos RSR commented
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      No, not this time......

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    Thanks Tony.