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Porsche Cup 997 Proxy Rules ** RACE FORMAT UPDATE **

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  • Porsche Cup 997 Proxy Rules ** RACE FORMAT UPDATE **

    Eligible Bodies
    NSR 997 RSR
    Carrera 997 RSR
    Flyslot 997 RSR
    Ninco 997 GT3 RS
    Scalextric 997 GT3 Cup

    Qualifying Round 0 will be held at Mid-BC

    Since we have received more than 27 cars at the deadline, there will be a "shootout" to determine who makes it into the 27 car field. Cars that do not make it into the field will be returned, entry fee will be refunded, minus a $10 return shipping fee. CGYRacer will do his best to provide feedback on these cars to ensure that there is somewhat of a learning experience for all entrants.

    Since we do not know for sure who will make this year's top 27, I will ask that all interested builders post their intention to race below. Entry fee will be $26 USD (registration deadline December 31st Payment deadline will be June 1st) and the deadline for the cars to be in Kelowna, BC will be June 30th 2020 AND POSTMARKED BY JUNE 21st. PayPal and shipping information will be posted here at a later date. This gives you 6 months to build a great car.

    Cars will be chosen at random in qualifying order.
    1. Median lap time will determine placement in the field
    2. 2 points will be added for the participant with the fastest lap
    3. Points will be assigned in descending order fastest median time to slowest
    The Shootout will be held at Mid BC to determine the cars that will start the 10 race series.
    Points will be awarded in descending order 27-1 with 1 point added to the top qualifier of each round. Your worst race will be thrown out so win all 10 races!

    Entrant’s name must be noted on underside of car as well as instructions for body float adjustments, if any.
    Car numbers must be unique; no duplicate numbers chosen on a first come basis.

    No changes to wheel wells allowed or altered body length or width from OEM. Please use your discretion, the objective is that the car looks like a scale race car from the period. Cars should represent the actual race car, and not appear slammed our have wheels and tyres that appear to be out of scale. Cars can be lowered, but must maintain a “natural” stance.

    -----Tires must fit fully under the fenders. Tires may NOT project beyond body work when viewed from above.
    -----Bodies must be removable to allow inspection and photography after the last race, and if needed to allow maintenance and repair during the race series.

    Weight – there is no weight limit or minimum. All weight must be placed inside (covered by the body) and there can be no weight placed on the bottom of the chassis or outside of the body, or any other place including the guide. NO weighted guides.

    Lightweight interiors allowed, but must be 3 dimensional and painted to show drivers head, shoulders, arms, steering wheel and dash. Drivetrain and wires are to be covered by the interior when peering through windows and the driver should also be clearly visible.

    -----Clear window material must be present; whether a windshield or a windscreen and may be vacuum formed or plastic only.

    ANY chassis that is stock, aftermarket, scratch built, or 3D printed using any material, is eligible. Podded or non-podded chassis allowed
    -----Inline / sidewinder / anglewinder configurations all OK
    -----Underside of car chassis and body must clear track road surface, on level track, by 1.0mm minimum the gear may be lower so long as it does not interfere with the track surface.
    -----Guide must be entirely under body, and NOT visible when viewed from above.
    -----Traction magnets are NOT permitted.
    -----Suspension permitted
    -----Axle bushing and bearings are allowed on front and rear.
    -----All chassis MUST be mounted like an RTR car - meaning screws through the chassis to body mounting points and no pins THROUGH the body, Velcro, etc. However, a chassis with side mounts such as the HRS/HSR-2 can be used - as long as the pins do NOT go through the body.

    ANY stock or aftermarket gears and ratios of your choice may be used.

    ANY commercially available FC-130, FK-130, FK-180 (including Flat 6 models) or FF-050 motor with a RPM limit of 22000. Motors cans are not to be opened or modified. Wrapper can be removed for clearance. Please indicate motor RPM on can if the wrapper is removed.

    plastic, magnesium or aluminum wheels are allowed. Wheels must have period inserts or look reasonably period for the car - no blank aluminum insert wheels please.
    Minimum diameter 15.8 mm
    Minimum width 7mm front
    Maximum width 12mm Rear

    Only BLACK RUBBER tires are allowed with a minimum OD of 19mm for rear tires with a maximum width of 12mm at the start of the series. Minimum front tire diameter will be 17mm; minimum width of 7mm.
    Tires may be cleaned in any manner prior to shipping them to the first race, but may not be prepared by oil-soaking or other chemical means. Nail polish or clear coating of front tires is allowed. TIRES CAN BE CLEANED BY the host prior to qualifying, racing, lane change or if deemed detrimental to the performance of competitors cars.

    If a car is damaged during a race, or has a mechanical issue, the owner will have the option to have the car returned at his cost, or have the track host repair the car. The impact (if any) to the results from that race will be the only penalty. Shipping expenses must be paid for by the owner, and the series will continue at the scheduled pace. Cars that are returned to the owner during the event, can only have the needed repair work done, and must be returned to the series without additional tuning or “refreshing”. Consideration and fairness will be employed, especially when a car is damaged during the series due to no-fault of the entrant.
    If a car(s) is significantly damaged during shipping, all effort will be made to repair the car(s) to its original state – where possible the race event will be delayed to facilitate the repairs
    There is no allowance made for a car to be tuned, or have parts replaced for improved performance during a series.
    Cars that do not meet these rules and/or could impede the performance of other cars during the series will have a 2 point penalty applied. Multiple infractions will incur multiple penalty points up to a maximum of 12 points. Cars that are deemed to be unsafe and/or could impede the performance of other cars will not be allowed to race and will be returned and/or made compatible.
    Decisions by the Race Director are final, the onus is on the builder to ensure his/her car meets the rules and are compatible to the track and fellow entrants. The Race Director reserves the right to exclude or penalize an entry at his discretion for anything else arising that is not specifically mentioned in the rules.

    Are lined up across the USA and Canada. I will list them soon. Keep in mind tracks may be subject to change due to restrictions and social distancing requirements as safety is first over our toy car competition. All tracks are to be run between 10-12 volts and at the discretion of the host.

    Participants are limited to 27 entries.
    Track hosts have agreed this is a manageable number in the event of solo or social distance racing

    ENTRY FEE 26.00 USD Due June 1st
    Due Date for Cars : June 30th 2021

    Sponsors and prizes will be listed soon will be a great place to shop for motors gears and additional wheels and tires that fit your builds.
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    The Jester

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    Can I get Clarification?
    I just got a NSR Porsche 997 RSR which I plan to use. I'm checking the wheel and tire dimensions. I don't really have any issues with the tire minimum/maximums, but the rules say the wheels MINIMUM DIAMETER is 15.8mm. The stock aluminum wheels that come on the car are 14.7x8 mm at the front and 14.7x10 mm on the rear. I'm showing a photo of where/how I measured the wheel. I didn't measure the air ribs. It seems logical that the manufacturers stock wheels should be ok. Am I measuring wrong? Can you clarify?
    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC02522.jpg
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    • dungeonracer
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      Bob, you're measuring at the wrong point.
      Measure at the raised ribs, and you should get 15.8

      And stop dropping you caliper. That's how the glass gets

    • Brumos RSR
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      Measure at the rib please the OEM NSR wheel should be within spec.

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    Doubl-B, I asked Brumos RSRa while ago, and if I remember right he said to measure the rib. If you measure a CBD 15x8mm wheel the way you are doing it's 13,9mm, if you do it on the rib it's 15.91.
    Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
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      Ok thanks - I figured I was doing something wrong and I figured with a new car I shouldn’t have to replace too much gear to make it legal! Not very intuitive, but I like the answer...

      Dickie - don’t get old - you drop everything, then you can’t find stuff on the floor, then I have to call the wife down to help find stuff, then she starts complaining about the mess, yada, yada, yada 🤐🤣
      ok back on track...


      • Brumos RSR
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        The Proxy was originally put together for the NSR 997, with handling the key, it should make for a competitive and fun proxy. You’re not getting old....just becoming more tenured. I go into my “huh, what, wait what did you say”? mode when the fetching Mrs. Brumos comes down stairs. 😀
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      Are the spoke style CB Design wheels acceptable to run?
      Loan Shark aka Matt
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      • Brumos RSR
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      • Loan Shark
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        Thanks Brumos.

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      Question - is the old NSR 22k motor legal for this proxy? I ask because it also says 22,400 rpm on the motor wrapper.



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        Yes the red NSR Shark 22 is legal. Try to keep the wrapper on the motor otherwise please write Shark 22 on the motor.

        This is my favourite motor by the way.

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        • Audi1
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          Thanks; that's the answer I was hoping for at this late date. Are they still available from anyone?


        • Redlynr
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          Argh. Built mine up thinking the 22.4 was not allowed. Current motor is all cemented in now, oh well.

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        I think the biggest issue will be with the most common motor we all have in our toolboxes and bins are the orange end bell motors as they spin a lot higher than 21.5K. The original orange V12-3 was sold as a 21.5K motor and the new orange V12-4 motors are sold as a 23K motor. Underneath tape or whatever people are going to have on the bottom of a chassis the orange motors will look alike as I'm not taking the bodies off. The can might be a little less rounded on the new V12-4 motors.

        On the other hand here is Maurizio's response on a different forum indicating the original orange 21.5 K motor is actually a 23K motor.

        “Except for the endbell, now moulded in one single piece vs the previous two pieces unit, the motor is exactly the same as before. Same magnets, case, winding, armature, carbons. It must be considered that the previous orange-ish endbell motor was wrongly specified at 21.5K, whereas it was 23K instead. The improvement should be a more uniform production, not a change in performance, so I think the old orange endbells V12/3 and the new V12/4 should be allowed to race together. We’ve made several tests and there is no significant performance change. The Skoal Bandit car will still have the V12/3 motor, the Camel 962 the new one. The published RPM vs. real RPM skew dates back a few years ago, when the motor maker changed the shape (and metal) of the case, without letting us know. Performance increased to 23K, but we didn’t change the specs.”

        Is the new orange 23k a different orange color to distinguish it from the 21.5k original? I have not really looked into it myself.


        Click image for larger version  Name:	slotit-v12-4-23396.jpg Views:	2 Size:	18.6 KB ID:	93598
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        • Mitch58
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          Most of the /3 motors we've had have always turned around /23K, it appears that as more NSRs were coming out with Shark 22 rather than the Shark 20 Slot It just changed the rating on their motors to maintain the appearance of being faster. This all happened in the same time period.

          I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Marketing is still Marketing.

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        Just seeing if anybody has clarification on how to distinguish between the legal old 21.5 orange and the not legal new 23 orange I know the 21.5 is underrated and same performance as the 23 but we do need to go by the manufacturer's model number in this proxy since the cutoff is 22 in the model number of the motor.

        Is the old 21.5 orange a brighter orange than the new orange 23?



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          Hi Rob, Most( if not all ) of the "legal" Slot-it 21.5/23K motors were assembled with the plastic brush holder tab between the electrical contacts being a different colour (Black/white/clear(ish) to the colour of the endbell.........the newer motors (see above pic.) have this tab molded in the same colour as the endbell.

          Chris Walker
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            Click image for larger version

Name:	MX06.jpg
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ID:	93841 Like this?
            Loan Shark aka Matt
            I am Alive because Organ Donation Worked... TWICE
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            • chrisguyw
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              Yes !!

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            Thanks Chris for the clarification, that really will help a lot for the "legal" 21.5 orange motors for the builders to understand

            Thanks Matt "loanshark" for the picture!


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              A reminder to make sure your guides are 1/4" deep not any deeper as a number of tracks have this depth of a slot. I see in the latest Fly Proxy that there are guides dragging for some cars in the latest race in the USA.



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                Will the Porsche Proxy change models every year or could we get two years out of these cars? I'd like to see each model go for a couple yrs with each to allow newbies like me to improve the same car.... Hopefully.
                Loan Shark aka Matt
                I am Alive because Organ Donation Worked... TWICE
                Lake Country, BC, Canada
                Shark Pit: 38' Routed MDF


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                  I know the objective of the Porsche Cup is to rotate amongst the various Porsche models. How often the cars will change I am not sure about that…..I’m just the temporary director this year to help out Sir Brumos so we will let him make that decision.