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  • NEC IROC race???????? Opinion page

    Hi all, Hope everyone is staying safe and well, I had a new idea for the next NEC race. IROC cars! 4 teams or I think its safe to say "clubs" bring a set of IROC cars and we run 4 races this will lighten the load for the host cost wise and time not dealing with rules and tech.
    Another Idea was brought to me is run a race like RC or dirt track racing with qualifying and A,B,C,D and so on mains witch in the end would put guys racing against each other around there same times and talent .
    Seeing we have nothing but time right now lets get input from everyone on what would be fun for the next time we are able to get together. If someone would like to step up and offer to Host lets here you if nobody steps up I will host again.
    Thanks, Glenn

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    Having done the format we just did, IMHO, was a great way to do a NEC event.
    That said, I get your point about host cost and time dealing with rules and tech (is this because of that team that glued a magnet to the motor? )

    Here's a thought (yeah, go ahead and say it....uh-oh )
    What if the clubs came to an agreement on which car will be run, then each club builds a car and those are raced in the IROC format (where each team gets to drive each car)?
    The cars could be purchased from SCC along with the specified tires.


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      Dickie, You and magnets. Some day....... I did a test with that setup. It added over 400 RPMS at the rear wheels at 12 volts when the magnet was added! Not saying it would have changed the outcome but this needs to be addressed in the future.

      I think the class itself is perfect. Stock NSR cars (sidewinder) with 25K motor and handout tires. Just no magnets. We have the cars purchased, we can require each club to provide a car and then host an IROC event.

      I would like to see us race more and on a regular basis. I would also like to see a variety of events, both team and individual, just like we use to do. The problem has always been:
      A) Rules. It was impossible to agree before. We had to agree to run a class from each of our clubs.
      B) Even though the rules related to another club, someone disagrees with the rules and tries to buck the system.
      C) Someone or ones have to be leaders and motivate people to host events.

      Dickie, You and I started this many years ago. It took a while to agree to rules and then to motivate people to do it.

      We, the Shoreline club have multiple sets of IROC cars which I setup. If you want to have a true IROC event, we can supply another class besides the NSR cars.

      Except for those crappy Carrera cars, I'll race whatever!


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        Did you say crappy??? I thought you could make anything fly!!

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      Ok so if im understanding correctly Mike, your looking at each club/team build the same car and that will be the Iroc entry for them. It dose sound like you guys are talking about still having a individual build and race also


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        Originally posted by 101 corvettes View Post
        Ok so if im understanding correctly Mike, your looking at each club/team build the same car and that will be the Iroc entry for them. It dose sound like you guys are talking about still having a individual build and race also
        My opinion if that matters.... Why mess with what worked before. It worked great before when we all worked together to make this happen.
        1) With the clubs in our area, start with agreeing on a few classes. They should be a combination of good running cars out of the box or cars we have already run. The NSR cars are good out of the box. The group c Slot.its are good out of the box plus we have been running those forever.

        2) Get everyone to agree (like we did before) that we'll rotate the races throughout the clubs in order to balance the travel.

        3) Mix up the races just like we use to. We had individual races, club team races, endurance races, and random team races. We can add IROC races too. Leave it up to the hosting club to decide the format. They are hosting the event, they get to run it the way they want to. This way we all get a chance to race the way we want to.

        4) Like we use to, the event should allow for as much track time as possible. Have two races in a day or a long endurance race.

        5) Once we agree on the rules, there's no arguing them. We assign someone from each club to represent the club and discuss the rules. If you don't like it don't race.

        6) There are no winners. The people who come in last get the prizes. This is about those of who enjoy this hobby getting together to race toy cars. Sure, I want to go fast (and I want to beat Dickie) but this needs to be more than that.


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          Good morning everyone, hope you are all well and staying safe!

          1. I would like to host an event again, and be added to the rotation.

          2. NERF has 4 Racer Sideways Group 5 cars that we use for IROC. I have them setup with the last of the old style SW pods I could find and use the black stripe motor. I only have 4 though, no backups.

          3. I really liked the old NEEC event format with the 2 classes, GT and 911's. That was fun because you had to navigate around the slower class, kind of like real racing! This was the reason I went with 4 lanes on my track!

          4. NERF has never been into the endurance race format, just sayin', for various reasons, just thought I'd throw that out there.

          5. We also just started a stock class using the RevoSlot GT cars, only had a chance to race them once though! We just mount tires, no gluing, basically stock! Good equal runners.

          Glad to see this thread, excited about the possibilities!


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            Some good discussion above. I would like to add a rule that states, "No Hawaiian pizza."

            Steve - Connecticut, U.S.A. - Shoreline Model Raceways Club


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              Except for those crappy Carrera cars, I'll race whatever!

              Then I propose we make these our IROC cars...

              But seriously now...
              Having done 2 events where hand out cars were disassembled and put together by teams the morning of the event, I will say these were quite enjoyable. Yes, doing so took away from any actual racing on the track in the morning hours. But that also meant guys could practice on the track while cars were being built, giving out of towners a chance to get familiar with the track. Pros and cons here.

              For next time, since we have 3 NSR Vettes out there now, let's use them for the next NEC. If there's a 4th team, we can purchase a 4th one (I believe Glen still has a leftover?). They're already built, maybe just add new slip on tires (if needed). And it won't take much to build a 4th one. Since the cars are already assembled, we can have a longer race (6 hours?)
              Then instead of racing the same car throughout the race, the teams get to drive each car for the same amount of time. Have 4 rotations with 4 heats each. Cars are switched with each rotation. It's simple. No teching required, and no rules to break as far as the cars are concerned. We've done this in the past with SCX cars.

              At the end of the next NEC, we can have the guys decide if they want to run the Vettes again, or change to a different car. There's plenty of good cars out there now between Slot.It, NSR, Revoslot, etc. And we can also decide if we want to run 2 races in a day, an IROC and a class based on a particular club guidelines.

              As far as NEC events go, I think the most fun was had when we put teams together with guys from different clubs. I'd like to see this again.

              PS-as far as adding a magnet to the motor, yeah, it added 200 rpm on my dyno @ 6v. During practice, we felt our motor was numb. Down the back straight, both of the CT cars were pulling us by at least 2 car lengths. With the mag added, we gained some of that back. So it was glued on.
              And besides, it wasn't my idea. It was Matthew's 😁


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                I would like to add a rule that states, "No Hawaiian pizza."
                You've been hanging around Bob too much....


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                  Pineapple belongs in those cute drinks with umbrellas, not on a pizza.

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                Glad to here this taking off with interest again. Mike and or Dicky is it possible to start another post with the rules the NEC stated out with. I agree no reason to re right them. Having the C7s used for a Iroc to me is a great Idea and Yes Dicky I have the 4th car in my cabinet with a set of quick slicks and would be happy to send it to a 4th club to build. I want to touch base on hosting a bit I im sure there is a bunch of guys thinking it a big deal and burden they wouldn't want to do and YES it is but its the only way we can get this going and STAY going. I feel everyone should look at it at a different angle it shouldn't be one person Hosting it should be a CLUB! team effort there is no way I could have pulled off the Corvette challenge without the help of Steve Sawtelle and Bob Boulais for running the race and my club for helping me shake down the track and make sure everything was good to go and My wife for making sure all the food was ready. I think there is different ways we could go about spreading the load , A club could be responsible for bringing Breakfast maybe another drinks and so on ? Just throwing some thoughts on the table to try to get more people to step up so everyone can experience different tracks. Thanks Bob M for stepping up!
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                  Pineapple belongs in those cute drinks with umbrellas, not on a pizza

                  So is this a compromise? You're going to provide these cute drinks with pineapples while we eat meat lovers pizza...