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1950s F1 Group Build and Race in 124 scale.

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  • 1950s F1 Group Build and Race in 124 scale.

    This is very Fluid............

    The concept is to build and race 1950s F1 cars from kits like SMER+Merit+Atlantis and Mastercraft etc. The Alfa and Talbot are pretty easy
    to come by, the others not so much.

    The 124 scale project would have each racer/team built there own Brass chassis and paint liverys that are true to the 1950s GP series.

    It would be a 3M project and pionts given to the Best build and where you finished in the 2 hr race at THE RACE PLACE in Farmindale NJ.

    We are working on Rules and geting kits out to builders/racers by Feb 13th 2021.

    Here are some of the Rules:
    No Fantasy Liverys.
    No Pinning body.
    Inserts must be proper.
    No Ball Bearings.
    Premade Tounge and Motor mount ok.
    Inline Only.

    If a kit chassis must be approved.
    HR 27x12 Foam Tires, front can be trued down to 25/26 and corners can be shaped.
    1/8 Axels.
    34/10 Gear Ratio
    Scaleauto Tech-1 20K short Can.

    More to come........

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    I would be interested, but, certainly need more details..........kits maybe hard/expensive to obtain for some folks.

    I do like the flexi-board brass chassis in the thumbnail pictures

    Chris Walker


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      Chris, where do u live?


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        Originally posted by slotboys
        Chris, where do u live?
        I live in Toronto,.......I initially thought this was a proxy,...apologies !!

        Still like the brass flexi-board chassis in your thumbnails.......however, I have made a few minor changes to it since then

        Chris Walker
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          Greta kits make great cars have fun with it.

          I went for narrow wheels to keep them in style

          Hello all I have been working on some 1/24 scale Grand Prix and Indy cars. The Kurtis Kraft is a Monogram kit. The D50 is a resin body. The Talbot and Alfa are Merit/SMER kits. SMER is a reproduction of the Merit kits. I am using a Penelope Pitlane chassis from Pendleslot with their vintage wheels and inserts. I have cast my

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          • slotboys
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            Editing a comment
            what size wheels did you use?

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          Hi I used Penelope Pitlane Vintage wheels from Pendleslot

          The measurements are there - they are 22.25mm overall in size with a tyre on them the come out around 28-30mm.

          I use tyres from the Carrera 1/24 '62 Corvette. I made my own mould but Paul Gage does them as well. I also used some tyres I bought from eBay off a chap in France think they were intended for the old Scalextic Bentley.


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            I started building this and haven't gotten back to finishing it and running it the way you see it lots of fun for wheels I went plafit and foam tires 18x8mm rims for the back and 16x6 front and cut down the foamys to suit.