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BRM Group 2 Challenge: 4 of 7. Jan 9th 2021

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  • BRM Group 2 Challenge: 4 of 7. Jan 9th 2021

    Hi Guys,

    Round 4 of 7 is now in the books and guess what, each race has had a new winner. How’s that for parity?

    This round we had 14 racers show which was our largest number yet. Two new racers joined us for the BRM Group 2 race. Both were first time racers and both did a great job! Shout out to Brandon and Mike D. who did not race like it was their first time with us. Both were great to race with, and unlike others out there didn’t interfere with others who were faster or in the running for a podium finish. Keep up the great driving and we hope to see you back for the remainder of the series.

    The race started with off with a small crash which allowed some of the racers to get out to a ¼ to ½ track lead over the others. From then on the heat went pretty smoothly and the racing was extremely competitive. Paul (me) got out to the lead and continued with a smooth race. Ray L. also avoided the crash and battled with Paul who both finished with 28 laps for the first heat. This heat also had Mike D. one of the new racers running. Kudos to Mike for a great show with 26 laps who ran 8.9 seconds for his fast lap. The second heat had Brandon another new racer on the red lane which many of us feel is the hardest lane. He ran a total of 24 laps and a fast time of 9.5 seconds.

    This round saw a lot fewer crashed then round 6. The track ran great which helped with some of the fastest lap times. Kudos to the following who were the top lap times. Paul – 8.28, Ray L, Scott and Tyler with 8.39, and Sean with an 8.4 second fast lap. Blue was the favorite lap of most racers as 10 of the 14 racers got their fastest lap time on Blue.

    Something to mention is the performance of the TTS brand Group 2 cars. Scott’s Abarth has always finished at the top and this race had a couple more TTS cars. Mario and Tyler were the racers who also ran the TTS cars (Escorts). Tyler was extremely fast and was at the top with the number of laps and times. Mario who finished mid pack had a respectable fast lap time of 8.7 seconds. Good to know that these cars match up nicely with the BRM cars.

    Big thanks to The Race Place
    , Quick Slicks
    and ScaleRacing Center
    for all the support.

    Next race will be on February 13th.

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