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Second race of Seven RESULTS!

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  • Second race of Seven RESULTS!

    Saturday November 14th, the second race of the BRM Group 2 Series was held at The Race Place in Farmingdale, NJ. Want to thank the sponsors of the series who gave discounts for cars or giveaways. Those are 132 Slot Cars, Liquid Death sparkling spring water, and Quick Slick tires. As always thank you to the Race Place for being great hosts.

    Had a few new guys show last night and we missed some from the 1st race. Had 9 racers and thanks to Jerry, owner of The Race Place who fixed the red lane, we all of us were able to run all 8 lanes. From the first he hit the track we knew Mr. Holt was going to be a force to be reckoned with. He had his trademark Silver and Black livery Mini Cooper hauling butt. His lap times were a tenth or two faster than we saw before (8.23) and if you know Mr. Holt rarely deslots (almost). Yea, I may have had the fastest lap last race but running with him last night, realized that I had nothing for him. Scott who was running an Abarth picked up some speed at last night’s race ran an 8.39 lap on the Purple lane. Was also good to see a number of different cars. We had a couple of Mini’s, one Alpha, an NSU and 3 Opel’s. But and last night showed us that those little Group 2 cars are fast.

    We’ll get to the results in a bit but wanted to give a shout out to a couple of racers who most of the group have not raced with before. Tyler D. has experience with slot cars and it shows. His cars are competitive and he is always in the mix. Last night if not for a racer error would have been in 4th place. Another racer who we have to give kudos to is Dylan F. From what I understand has not ran slot cars before. He has a blue Opel which is tuned extremely well and once he get more track time; I am sure will be up there competing for the win. I also believe that he races carts and not the slot car version.

    Racing was close, and as we always say, those who stay in the slot will always be towards the top. Oh, and it’s not good when your car hits the floor, right Mario. Drivers are going to have to head back to the dungeons and find some more speed in their cars if they want to take the top spot. Remember, cars are to be stock. You can use Quick Slicks to replace the rear tires and a recent change will allow you to cut the label to allow the holes in the motor exposed to allow for increased cooling. The other changes you can make are Axle collars allowed, you can change braid, front tires can be glued and trued, but if it is not stated on the official rules, it is NOT allowed. If you have any questions ask Ray L.

    Next race will be on December 12th at the same location – The Race Place in Farmingdale, NJ

    Okay now for the results of the race:

    1-Robert H. 221 laps - 8.23 fastest lap – Won a case of Liquid Death

    2-Scott B. 219 laps – 8.39 fastest lap

    3-Ray L. 218 laps – 8.45 fastest lap

    4-Paul P. 215 laps – 8.55 fastest lap

    5-Tyler D. 215 laps – 8.57 fastest lap

    6-Fred M. 213 laps – 8.56 fastest lap

    7-Dylan F. 209 laps – 8,57 fastest lap

    8-Mario B. 204 laps – 8.62 fastest lap – Won a limited-edition Liquid Death Cozy (first car to hit the floor)

    9-Don W. 192 laps – 9.01 fastest lap – Won a case of Liquid Death