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  • New PORTAL View Up Top

    We figured out how to create a "PORTAL" similar to our old format above.

    Hope this change helps some of you who wanted it.

    We had set the width to 100% to stretch the forum full screen, but it caused display issues for some.

    We have now increased the locked width to 1600 pixels.

    Hope it looks ok to you folks and that the "Portal" helps.

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    I was on the PORTAL when I first got on HRW today, but after I used the back arrow to move away from the first topic I checked out I didn't know how to access it again. Can there be a PORTAL link at the top for easy access?

    Thanks for this feature that I used all the time on the old forum.


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      It is there. It is a permanent module. Click on the home page (main forum) and it is right there at the top. Not even sure how you did that.


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          Thanks, Boss...I like it! You guys have done a fantastic job migrating things....
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            Thanks Harry. The Portal is there constantly now for me but wasn't when I made the post. When I go to the main page the tabs at the top in yellow/gold (Forum, Blogs, Articles, etc) appear for about a second then disappear. This still happens for me, but the portal is there.

            FYI, I'm using a Chromebook.