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How to choose and go directly to any given forum

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  • How to choose and go directly to any given forum

    Forum jumping help sought?

    If this function is available, please let this be a formal display of public ignorance,
    ie: I'm a big dum, dum.
    I seem to recall on the old forum at the very bottom of any page there was a "Jump to Forum" drop down list.
    So if I was lets say in the 1/32 scale forum and then wanted to go directly to another forum, I could use this feature to do that.

    As it is now, I find I have to 1st click on forums at the top of the page. Then scroll through all the forums until I reach the one I want and then click on it?
    Any and all help in this is greatly appreciated!!!
    Best Regards,

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    Hi Jack!

    I've been on HRW since very near the very beginning, which means I have been through several changes. After decades, I have figured out that forums are (hosted- is that the right word?), by people who make their own rules and features, and that is sometimes a situation that requires us to accept the changes that we almost always hate. For better or worse, I am convinced that following HRW to whatever the hosting it falls upon is the best thing. Harry works very hard (harder than I would), to keep this thing afloat. The fee for carrying over the years of HRW I am most connected to was insane ($17,000), so I am dedicated to this version of our home.

    The various functions and features of other hosts (again, that may be the wrong term), may be better or worse than whatever we have at the moment, but we remain loyal to our own ways, even if we have to make sacrifices that are very annoying. So, we enjoy where we are, and celebrate our community. The next way that HRW appears may well be fantastically better... actually, its likely to be better, I just hope it isn't something that makes me have to adjust the technology I can afford to access it. Right now, Harry is head slapping and saying, "Of course not!" So be it.


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      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we can't 100 percent emulate the previous forum's "Jump to Forum" functionality. However, we investigated what would be possible and have implemented something that is close. Here is a video that describes the enhanced forum navigation.

      Steve - Connecticut, USA - Team HRW


      • cbiesecker
        cbiesecker commented
        Editing a comment
        Just wanted to let you know I'm a fan of the new "Jump to Forum" feature. It greatly improves navigating the forums on my tablet.