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How about a Carrera forum?

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  • How about a Carrera forum?


    The new site looks great!!

    I had an idea I wanted to toss out and see what you and other folks think.

    My primary interest is Carrera Digital in both 1/32 and 1/24 scales. When I was re-entering the hobby in 2012-13, I landed in the Carrera forum on SCI. I found a wealth of information and support there and a great deal of enthusiasm. Dave K was active as the Carrera rep at that point and there was great camaraderie. Most of the friends and contacts I have made came specifically from participating in that forum. There was a sense of continuity between all things Carrera and it was something I checked and participated in daily.

    I joined the HRW forum in 2015 and bumped into a lot of the same people here and some of the same topics but there has never been the same degree of focused Carrera discussion and enthusiasm as there was on SCI. I think that part of that may be how the HRW forums are set up - With the forum being divided 1/32, 1/24 & Digital I have to go to 3 different forums to find what I would find under a Carrera forum.

    I would be interested to hear what other folks think and whether people would like to see a Carrera specific forum..

    Thanks for listening

    Ed Magner
    Portage, MI

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    I would be interested as I also have Carrera Digital 132 {and some 124) and agree it is difficult moving among the three forums.
    Kip - Kennesaw, GA USA, Home Track: Corsa Autodromo Seminterrato


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      It isn't difficult at all really. In my eyes, quite the opposite. All you need to do is create a bookmark in your browser to the forum you like the most.

      As far as the "same degree of enthusiasm"....well, I will let the HRW CARRERA REVIEW SECTION speak for itself. Yet, going back to the old forum...there is NO comments or feedback from either of you. So if you didn't bother to post then....??? We had a great deal of feedback and plenty of participants on our Carrera articles. And Dave K was very active here as well.

      Starting a topic or thread in the digital/1/24 area is hard to find or accomplish? I don't think so. Especially when you SUBSCRIBE to that topic and/or forum and get auto-notifications of activity.

      I don't want the site riddled with a countless specific forums. It just clutters up the main page and most people that have given feedback disliked having 3 full screens of forums to wade through.

      Unfortunately I do things a bit differently. Hopefully your favorite site comes back online soon and you can go back to enjoying it.



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        Hi Harry,

        I thank you for allowing me to join HRW. I have only been back into slot cars for a little less than two years. I am only a relatively new member of both the old HRW and also having joined this new one just last night. I did see your youtube videos a long time before that and I liked the content and the presentation, it is very nice. There are a few reasons why I was not a member of SCI. I do wonder whether there is an opportunity to attract more members by adding a Carrera section. You could capture migrating members of SCI and as well there is a North American Carrera Digital social media group with 550 members, and I can see that technical discussion is better served on a forum platform than on social media. A few of those members have expressed that they wish there was a better suited online forum. I am not in North America but I am in Australia. Currently I get my dose of Carrera knowledge sharing from a mixture of a places but none of them really Carrera centric.

        Having said that, and having set up a forum myself a couple of years ago (not slotcar related) I do see why you would prefer to simplify the categories. Though some types of discussions (for example very technical in terms of software or electronics) you may want to separate them entirely so as not to fill up the mainstream categories with noise that most people will not have an interest in.

        I am sharing my thoughts as ideas only, I understand it is your forum and your responsibility to manage it in the best way you see fit and I am not saying that my ideas on the forum categories are better than anybody else's. And you may not want to change the style or feel or for whatever reason. I also respect your comments above about plenty of feedback on Carrera articles in the past so I will step back now and continue to enjoy the HRW forum as it grows from the new rebirth.

        Best regards to all involved,


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          Appreciate the feedback, thank you.

          If I make categories for all brands...then what is the point of a 1/32 forum? Been down this road before...I make focused forums and guess what? People complain about that as well. They say topics are "all over the place" and cannot find the answers they are looking for. For the true enthusiast, just use the tools the software provides and you will allow yourself to see the topics and forums of your main interest.

          But the real reason is that 99.9% of the time when I am asked to make a focused forum....NO ONE uses it. They end up posting in the other forums anyway. OR they are actually a DEALER (ahem) and all they really want is to profit/sell the particular brand.

          Example: I was asked years ago to create a "Revell" forum under the 1/24. I did it. The person that asked for it did not even bother to post and promote it. This is just one example of MANY. They would claim there is no interest and of course blame it on our forum. Well, a forum is only as good as its CONTENT. That content comes from users. From you all. If you don't engage, why expect others? Strength in numbers.

          On the other hand......Migrating members such as the GROUP you mentioned could simply ask for a GROUP and I would make it. We have sub-categories in the CLUB CONNECTION channel and would be happy to oblige. For a truly focused group that would use it, I am all in support.

          So by all means, let these folks know...I will do what I can to support.


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            That Carrera Digital North America Facebook group Steve is talking about had 200 members in it in January 2019 when I started promoting it here and on what was left of SCI. It gained 150 members in 2 weeks from people that had been SCI and is now up to I am one of those people
            Harry I appreciate your experiences of starting forums that don't get used. I think the Carrera situation might surprise you -it is unique in that the track size supports both scales so there are a quite a few people that get in to both scales pretty quickly -their is a high percentage of digital users judging by the fact that there are 550 people in a Carrera Digital Only North America page.
            I'd be willing to help set up and moderate and come up with some sticky threads for FAQs andhelp to pull people in from the Facebook groups


            Ed Magner
            Portage, MI


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              We will get a forum for the group and contact you when it is completed. Then it will be up to you.


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                Harry thank you for deciding to give it a go. I hope it works out well for HRW.



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                  Being a huge Carrera guy I look forward to a Carrera forum. Carrera is the best plastic track their is . Plus their cars are excellent and well priced. I was a long time member of SCI and was on the Carrera forum quite often. I only do analog but I know many love digital and that is great. Digital has brought in many new Slot cars members to this hobby. Have to say HRW is my favorite site these days. I will do my best to make a Carrera forum or thread worth the trouble. Indybob


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                    Hasn't Carrera kind of put America on the back burner? If a special forum is needed for Carrera subjects, does that mean that when we come here and hit "new topics", that it doesn't bring up "all" posts related to Carrera? I assumed when I hit "new topics", I saw every new post regardless of subject.
                    Matt B
                    So. In


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                      You will see all new topics sir, regardless of forum location.

                      Working on the channel now.


                      • mattb
                        mattb commented
                        Editing a comment
                        I will have no problem looking at new topics daily to see if there is a post about a subject that interests me. I enjoy seeing all new posts about all slot cars.

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