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difference in private messages and sending messages

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  • difference in private messages and sending messages

    What/why is there difference when sending message to fellow slotters?
    When i click on a name, the persons profile pops up and then click on private message. i write the message and send, this form of message does not show up on my sent messages when i check the message center.
    i have to repeat above and when the user profile pops up, there is the message i wrote them under the new message box.
    lance posted a Visitor Message for X
    Lance Sofa racer, SA TX by way of Hawaii

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    Hello Lance,

    Thank you for the question. In vBulletin, there are two (2) broad types of messages available by default - "Visitor" and "Private". "Visitor" is a bit misleading as anyone, whether a "Visitor" or "Registered User" can create a Visitor message. A better description for Visitor messages might be "Public Messages". Here is a brief description of the two types of messages.

    Private Messages are just that - private. When you create a Private Message, you designate one or more HRW Forum registered users to send the message to. Only those members will receive your message and be able to view it (Administrators can also view/moderate Private messages). You can create Private Messages in the Message Center (recommended) or by selecting a registered user name displayed to the left of a thread/post they created or from the "Member List" to view their profile. If you select a user's profile, you MUST click on the "Private Message" button for the message to be "Private". Private messages that you create or respond to can be viewed in the Message Center - they will appear in the "Sent" folder.

    Visitor Messages can be viewed by all registered users of the forum so use discretion. This is not to suggest discretion shouldn't be used for Private Messages as well. If you view a member's profile (see above), you can create a message. If you do not click the "Private Message" button, you will create a Visitor Message. Again, visitor messages can be viewed by all HRW Forum members who subsequently view the user profile you sent the message to. Visitor messages do not show up in your "Sent" folder in the Message Center.

    In general, we recommend using the Private Message feature.

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    Steve - Connecticut, USA - Team HRW