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My recent post was flagged as possible spam ?

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  • My recent post was flagged as possible spam ?

    This new gig can be a bit frustrating to say the least. Teething pains I suppose. My recent post in the vintage forum was getting answers as to the ID of one of the cars I just picked up. I had made an incorrect assumption about the maker so I edited my original post. A box popped up telling me my post had been flagged as possible spam and now the comments from the other guys are gone and I can't post on it to thank them either... WTH. Did I maybe hit the "flag" button by mistake or what ? I'm pretty sure I didn't but anything is possible.
    Last edited by NHBandit; October 11, 2019, 04:49 AM.

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    Fixed it. not sure how that happened sir.


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      Thank you. This new place is nutty.. lol I tried to post a simple thank you and got a popup that said my post had to contain at least 10 characters... I wonder if this is enough yet because I normally don't type more than needed......


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        If you close every post with a short narrative about who you had a crush on in 6th grade and a XOXO string everything should be fine.

        Carol Partridge, cute as a button. XOXO


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          Yes, it was set for a minimum. I have now changed it. We do require at least ONE character.

          And since we have slothead here...that is automatically completed.


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            Just trying to help out where ever I can.