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  • Arriving Soon - The Batmobile

    was surprised there was not much notice on this board, or some of the other slot car web sites, about the arrival of the 60s era Batmobile. Its now available and should be arriving here any day. I grew up watching this TV show and I always loved this car. I think Scalextric have done a great job with it, and I like the packaging! I have pre-ordered it here locally. Here are some photos of the actual model. Sorry, the pics are from an offshore supplier, but I could not find photos from a local shop. Cheers RvE

    Click image for larger version

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    Toronto, Ontario

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    I was going to try and do a mash-up build or scratch build of that car , now I don't have to .


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      Unlike so many Scaley "star cars", that actually looks pretty good. Maybe I'll build a cave to run one out of...


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        Waay, the cave is a really cool idea.

      • waaytoomuchintothis
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        Aannnd, I have to confess I like it especially because Robin, the Boob Wunder isn't included. Every time the show was on, I was reminded of how much I always wanted to beat that goob to a forgotten greasy spot on the pavement. I didn't like him much in the comics, and Burt Ward just pissed me off for some reason.

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      There have been many versions of the Batmobile, but for me the George Barris' version is the only one that 'stuck'. It is sufficiently stylized without being completely outlandish.

      I suspect many of the recent movie versions were never actually functioning automobiles. At least Adam West had a Batmobile he could drive.

      Ed Bianchi
      Ed Bianchi
      York Pennsylvania USA


      • waaytoomuchintothis
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        It was easy for me to like it because I liked the custom Lincoln Barris built first, then modified it into the Batmobile.

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      The question is.....should Robin have been included in the passenger seat? Personally, I would have preferred that, since it was rare in the old TV show for Batman to be driving solo. I do wonder why they omitted Robin.
      Toronto, Ontario


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        Robin missing is like a real problem, like that Euro siren on the Alabama highway patrol car.
        The Pioneer Bo Duke figure may work with some paint and a cape.


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          this is a must have, I remember on rainy days watching the reruns after school


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            Cannot wait for this one!
            Mike - Galena Ohio

            "When you're back there with the squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts cracked." - Graham Rahal



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              Click image for larger version

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              What, no Robin, no Dynamic Duo? With all the talented model makers I can’t believe there aren’t more customs.
              Here’s mine from a 1/32 Polar Lights static model.

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                Robin must have said something that wasn't politically correct!

                I still have a black original Classic, but always thought they should have made them in the nice Candy colors the 60's vac bodies were painted with. I made myself a Candy Red version.

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                Matt B
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