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Corvette Racing Colors? Why we wait for new molds?

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  • Corvette Racing Colors? Why we wait for new molds?

    Answers within.

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      Comment... Silver/white and silver/red liveries were done to celebrate 40th(?) anniversary of Mobil 1 sponsorship with Corvette Racing and the fact that the Sebring 12 hour race sponsor is Mobil 1.

      Question... how does the process to determine the race part of the livery get done? For instance, those Scalextric Corvette C8.Rs are Rolex Daytona 24 hour liveries. Is it just that Scalextric picks a big race to livery or do they wait to see how the car finished to perhaps pick a race where they won?



      • Dave Kennedy
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        Yes I do know why they were done.
        So part of the problem is that there may be an issue with it being not the standard livery for the cars. GM might not want those liveries to be done because they would prefer to only have their normal livery promoted.


        There's this think called a "90 day license". So let's say normally team is sponsored by Napa, but for one race they are sponsored by Mountain Dew, well in the case of that Mountain Dew sponsorship the team might only have the license from Mountain Dew to sponsor that team for that race specifically and legally after that there's no connection.

        So just because for one race they ran that livery the team might not 1. want to promote another "look" for their car because that's not their normal look but also 2. not legally be able to say ok to give you permission to use Mountain Dew (in this case).

        This was the case with Mountain Dew and Dale Jr. when I asked about doing the Dale Jr. cars with his people. It's common for teams to get partial sponsors but those sponsors might not be able, willing, allow their brand to be used on products/toys/etc... yes... I know this doesn't make much sense because you're promoting their damn brand but they don't look at it that way in some cases.

      • Dave Kennedy
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        So there's no one answer to how you pick what cars to do. If they look cool, if the real car company will allow it or not, if they team will allow it or not, if the sponsor will allow it or not... there's no hard and fast "firm answer" you can give when it comes to how you pick what you do for liveries. But to make your job easier (if it's your job to do research and pick liveries) you tend to pick cars where you know you can 1. easily get approvals 2. have a lot of liveries (at least 5-6) 3. have that mold already.

        For example, Ford is VERY easy to work with and they will generally allow you to even make up liveries (notice the Carrera fake GFY Mustang, fake liveries on the Ford GTE) but Porsche won't even hear any of those discussions and often times will restrict a company from making slot cars of cars that even had real liveries of (yeas ago there was a Kelly-Moss team Gulf Porsche 911 997 that Ninco made, I wanted to do that livery on the SCX Porsche since I worked there at that time and I wanted to make the Gulf racing livery on the car we made) well Porsche would not allow it because it technically wasn't sponsored by Gulf if was just a Porsche owner that liked Gulf and painted his race car as (technically) a fake Gulf racing car.

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      The silver cars look great.
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