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TGIF-SCX, Scalextric, Scaleauto, Slot It and Policar news

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  • TGIF-SCX, Scalextric, Scaleauto, Slot It and Policar news

    Yeah lots of news this week.
    Slot Car Nerd/Photographer/ Just a self-styled marketing guy on my back porch.
    Check out my YouTube channel for weekly slot car news

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    Cheers to you too sir(tipping my glass to you)...we lost that cool smilies way back Great vid as usual DK!!!
    Warren, Ohio


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      Scenery looking better and better Davve.
      As always, thank you


      • Dave Kennedy
        Dave Kennedy commented
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        Thanks! This is my older scenery diorama. I've used it for years. The smaller on is the one with the sunflowers on it and that's the new one I made.

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      Thanks to you from me too. I look forward to and appreciate your weekly updates about events in our hobby. Unlike many others, I don't go on any other forums or look for new offerings.

      My only exception is checking INASLOT from time to time to see if any new Legends are available. I did that today after watching your video and saw the '37 Dodge Paint it Yourself kits are available on their website. Do manufacturers need to have a relationship with you to report on their releases?


      • Dave Kennedy
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        So Pioneer? Well Jules saw fit to be insulting to me so I'm not chasing his news rather than talk to me privately about why I shouldn't have talked about the inside processes of the industry.
        And as far as I know INASLOT and Pioneer are the same so.... if Jules doesn't post his own news and doesn't offer it to me I'm not chasing it. I hope you understand.
        I will include news that I find or feel like I should report. I have no direct relationship or contact with Sideways or Scaleauto and yet they report their news on their FB pages. I no longer follow the Pioneer pages on social media so I don't see their news.
        If someone from Pioneer emailed me their news releases I would include them in my report, the same with any manufacturer.
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      • slothead
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        Thanks for your reply. For the good of the hobby I wish we could all get along. Didn't somebody already say that about an even larger issue?

      • Dave Kennedy
        Dave Kennedy commented
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        I will include any news that is sent to me or any that I see on social media. I have more limited time to scour Facebook for news than I did when I wasn't working.