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Policar F1 Historics coming

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  • Policar F1 Historics coming

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    ​​​​​​The development of our F1 historics never stops! Late 2021: BRM P160 and P153.

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    Looked up that these cars raced in F1 from 1971 - 74, which is part of the era all of my road course cars are from.

    Pedro Rodriguez drove this BRM P160 to a 2nd place finish in June 1971. A replica would be right at home on Shelby-Hendrix Speedway.

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      Very much looking forward to this model, please do the 160 first! Both the Yardley and Marlboro liveries are great and with drivers like Gethin (closest F1 finish in history at Monza) Lauda, Beltiose (that win in the rain at Monaco) Rodriquez and Siffert there is something for everyone, not to mention the nose and airbox options.


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        While I certainly don't need any more cars or distractions to keep me away from multiple partially completed projects, I must admit to being interested in these historic F1 cars. The liveries Policar has already made available are a nice tribute to the best drivers of the early 70's, too many which died in racing accidents during that same period.

        But, I also admit to having reservations because the 2 F1 cars I bought years ago did not impress. I'm not certain of the brand, but I think maybe SCX 'modern' F1 cars with front wheels that turned with the guide. They looked very nice but didn't perform acceptably. Major complaint is they were so light weight that the front tires didn't even touch the track. The brass strips that pressed down on the guide braids for conductivity also causes the front end to float.

        I watched Harry's quick review of the Policar F1's but am also interested in hearing about the personal experiences of community members. I have a Policar Ferrari 312P in my Can Am series that I'm basically satisfied with, but need to know more about the F1 cars. Anyone have chassis photos and on track performance info?


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          I'd call them classics rather than historics.
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