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1/32 Scale CNC Routed Track Design Service

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  • 1/32 Scale CNC Routed Track Design Service

    Hi All!

    I have started a 1/32 scale CNC track routing service. Please visit to check it out. The goal is to help the Do-It-Yourself person get started with a custom layout design and CNC routing. I need at least some minimal information about your available space, how many lanes, and what services you are interested in - which is done by filling out the Request for Quote form on the site. Once we have established a your available space and requirements, I can quote your job.

    I am a retired Motorsports Engineer, so not only do I "get it", but I "lived it"! I do WAY MORE than just fill in the space with straights and turns to "design" a layout. If you go to Pinterest, and look up CNCTrackDesign, you will see images of my racing line designs. They are quite swoopy with visual appeal that you can't get in a plastic track. I work with my design partners at IDEA Group, using Siemens NX state-of-the-art software and apply Engineering principles to the design, much like I did for designing intake ports in cylinder heads for engines, or an Aerodynamist would do with body shapes.

    I am impressed with the locations of some of the visitors to my site thus far: Australia, Africa, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, and people from all over the USA. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    I have some starting points for relatively small tracks (55' lap length) and large (162" lap length). What ever fits your space.

    I am working on a YouTube video to raise awareness of the CNCTrackDesign website, (have a 30 second teaser currently on YouTube, working on about a 5 minute video with much more detail). Also will be posting a short video on how my track design technique correlates to slot car vehicle dynamics.