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Friday news-Carrera 2021 page by page-Avant, TeamSlot, Policar news

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  • Friday news-Carrera 2021 page by page-Avant, TeamSlot, Policar news

    I broke down the Carrera catalog into jpegs and posted them and then it seemed just dumb to not go through each page of the 1/24 and 1/32 releases... so I got a 16 minute news video! LOL
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    Thanks for the video. Those Aston Martins in 1/32 sure look sharp. One of them for sure will end up in my collection! Carrera has nailed the look and shape of the Porsche RSRs.....that Wynn's version is very nice! 2021 is shaping up to be a big year for slot cars. Maybe everyone being stuck indoors from the pandemic has something to do with that.
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      Three of those 'Old Skool' Grand National - NASCAR's are likely to become part of my inventory this year. I missed out on the #7 Ramo Scott Charger when it was originally released, and will also get the #1 dark blue Charger. I already have a #48 James Hylton car, a Proxie Models Mercury Cyclone body mounted on a Pioneer Charger chassis, but will likely get the #48 Torino too. The American stock cars from decades ago remain popular and there doesn't seem to be a market for the current style of stock cars.

      I know it takes time to bring a new car to market, but it looks to me that the majority of slot cars being released are replicas of race cars from several decades ago. Which means I see continued marketing opportunities for those old molds. Yippee!


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        Slothead, agreed I'll be buying all the new Carrera NASCAR releases! Love the older cars, they have individual character instead of a bunch flat smushed aero-blobs lol. The old style paint schemes and numbers really get me going too....I've got a Carrera NASCAR problem....I've bought six of them in 2021 already!!!