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  • IMO-Best of 2020

    Fear NOT!!!! No magnets were harmed in the making of THIS particular video!
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    Well done! And well deserved nod to the gang at Predator!


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      Good video Dave, You got some good choices there.
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        Good stuff Dave, as usual.

        Looking back at 2020, there are a few new moulds I’d be interested in people’s opinions. Not that I am a F1 guy, but the NSR F1’s seem to be establishing a following from a post I made back a few weeks ago as well as seeing how clubs in Europe are adopting it as a class.

        The new Policar generic, modern F1’s seem like they could be offering something similar - a good running, decent out of the box , uniform class which could offer a competitive field. Although I haven’t seen much posted of these yet, so maybe this is a premature statement...

        I would dare to offer, that either of those above is not a common option for the enthusiast or clubs, and is important for the ongoing viability of providing IROC type racing for home racers or a club class that helps to promote competition and provides easy access to a competitive class car for newer folks and/or less experienced tuners. I would see either as important and similar to how Revoslot has made their biggest impact...not the quickest, but the most comparable and good out of the box runners.
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          Nicely made video Dave.

          Top marks for the new funky intro.