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  • SCOTY Awards 2020

    It's been a doozy of a year. Here are my choices as well as a big THANK YOU to all that help make HRW a fun old place to hang out.


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    Personally I cannot ever make a choice for the SCOTY Award. It’s like asking which of my kids is my favorite...or which is my favorite slot car? All of them is my definitive answer!
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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      I agree with Scott...I only have 3 of the cars you nominated, so I don’t have a dog in the fight. BUT...this year was great for the hobby and the offerings for 2021 look great. With everyone you mentioned the slotting year looks great!!!
      Best to all for a better year.
      Brian Mc
      Minnecrapulous, Mn

      Come for the weirdness…stay cause your car got stolen


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        My choice is this one. and the Black and Gold #13 Legend car. Click image for larger version

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        Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
        Connecticut, U.S.A.


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          The car I waited for to replace my ProSlot, and was so excited to hear it was going to be released, happens to be, the Revo Toyota GT. My car of the year in my book. Great video Harry
          Pass Christian, MS


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            The Thunderslot Sunoco McLaren 6A is an outstanding combination of looks and performance. Looking forward to Oscar’s car 54 in 2021.
            Mike V.
            Western North Carolina


            • KK Racing
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              I'll second the Thunderslot Sunoco McLaren M6A.
              Under the new mold category, how about the new Slot.It Toyota 86C. This is an important class in our hobby and it's nice to see Slot.It continuing to add new entries into the series.
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            The only one of the cars mentioned that I have is the HRW Legend, and that's still in the case too. I think the only RTR cars I've purchased in 2020 are 10 Pioneer Legends. That means by default I'd go with the #13 with my 2020 SCOTY vote.

            For 2021 the plan is to complete my new routed oval in the spring and fill the infield with retro mods like the Strangebrew Showdown car I got at auction last summer along with a fleet of sprint cars. Since no one I know of makes Showdown type cars or replicas of World of Outlaws sprint cars in 1:32 scale I guess I'll be getting back into building cars again rather than just relying on RTR cars.


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              This is the first time I’ve seen the adjustable output Policar power supply. Harry is correct: this is something that should be included in every set in every scale, although AFX has had the tri-power supply for some time.

              I’d like to toss out a kudos to Carrera for the 1/24 Lola T70 coupe. A classic car in the larger scale.


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                I love my policar track
                . I have owned every brand and policar is really a quality track section. The flatness, holds together so well and tiny gaps make it the best IMHO


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                  WOW! I have to say I am shocked to see your choice for SCOTY! I did not see that coming. Since I have returned to slot cars and am new to this forum and the SCOTY Awards I don't have strong opinions either way. Maybe next year? But way to go Scalextric (my first 1/32 scale race set & cars) for bringing us the Iroc. Sounds like they made a huge impression to our hobby.

                  I have also read a lot about slot car racing and where it came from and what is needed to make this hobby grow, and agree the introduction by Policar's track and variable voltage power supply seems to resonate with those in the know.

                  As for this site. I want to thank all involved including the members, for keeping this hobby vibrant. Keeping us informed on new products. I had never heard of Thunderslot and Revoslot until seeing them here. And being there for us when so many of us are held hostage and isolated in our homes and away from family and friends this past year. THANK YOU HRW! Looking forward to a brighter happier 2021.
                  Scott C.
                  Amherst, WI
                  Just "a simple kind of man".


                  • War Eagle River
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                    Well said!

                  • Ragtopman
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                    Yes I 2nd that. Well said!

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                  Having 5 out 6 of those cars(yikes! This site has made me get a lot of cars!😃😃😃)
                  They are all great in their own way! But my vote might go for that little legends car. What a blast to drive and very addicting at that. Way to go HRW!👍🏻


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                    Only have one (for now) in your 2020 Scoty's....

                    A thanks to Harry and all the sponsors of this site for their support of this, and my favorite, hobby!!
                    "Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool."

                    Zen Raceway
                    Severna Park, MD


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                      Great video and some nice choices, thanks!


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                        When does the voting start/end?



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                          Another new mold that could have been added to the great selection in the video is the MR Slot car Porsche 911GT1 EVO. A great car for the tuner and racer, very pretty body and top quality parts.
                          Dennis Samson

                          Scratchbuilding is life
                          Life is scratchbuilt


                          • chappyman66
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                            Love the Porsche GT1s, and the MR Slot version looks very nice.