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1/24 Carrera Lola T70

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  • 1/24 Carrera Lola T70

    Anyone received their Lola’s, if yes, any comments about the cars? I don’t know why the T70’s appeals to me, It’s a must order. I preordered from LEB and I’m like a kid at Christmas, sitting here waiting for an email stating they are shipped. Man, I love this time of year.
    Pass Christian, MS

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    The yellow one is OK the blue one has one painted over tail light. I think the pre-orders were being recalled but there are some already out there.
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      Just saw this post but already made a new post. My blue T-70 came today. But as Dave said the rear tailights are defective....the led lights are there and working but the light lens is painted so absolutely no light shines through. The car runs well w magnets but without its un-drivable(at least for me as the wheels and tires are junk...
      On the good side though it does look great and it’s very fast, faster than my other Carrera 1/24’s
      Hope that doesn’t spoil your fun and hopefully you get one that is fixed. Still a pretty cool car.


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        Great looking cars. We ran them stock the other day as we await some urethane tyres. They showed good potential, had some nice straight line speed but were a little slippery on the corners. I have a feeling that with a good set of urethane tyres glued and trued they will be competitive with the 917k and 512s.

        I ordered some tyres from a slot car shop in Austria (Europe) Slot Invasion tyres. Will let you know how they go once they arrive.

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